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Violated by Cops - Son forced to watch as mom and sisters are taken.

AddThis Social Bookmark Button Subscribe in a reader Let me introduce myself. My name is Bala. I am a software engineer working in reputed IT company in southern India. I live with my mother, Regina and my two younger sisters, Asha and Ezhil in a nice locality. My mother is 47 years old, though she still looks like a 30 year old to me, as she has a milky white complexion and clear, unblemished skin. She face is round with a bit of innocence and naughtiness mixed in it. She has a voluptuous body. Even though she's my mother, on many an occasion I have gazed at her lustfully as she moved around the house only in her flimsy blouse and petticoat. One might find the attire slightly unusual in a traditional Indian family. Let me explain.

Actually we are a very religious and traditional Tamil family and she also puts all her faith in god. She will not have any food without doing her daily puja after having a bath. She believes in doing her puja in her purest form, i.e. naked. However with a grown up son and two grown up daughters in the house she can hardly afford to do that. So she chooses the next best option i.e. in her blouse and petticoat, without any underwear.

As I was saying, I gaze at her lustfully almost everyday as she moves from room to room, spreading the aroma of incense sticks that she burns. Almost always she wears either a white or a light pink sleeveless blouse. Both of them are made of thin cotton. Added to that the dampness of her body makes her 34-inch boobs quite visible. Her wet hair would be open, coming down to her chest. It would make her blouse all the more damp and transparent. Many times my eyes have been drawn to her fair, plump assets and the dark brown nipples, sitting like ripe cherries on her chest and have instantly turned away when she looked in my direction. I have lusted after her bulbous ass an equal number of times. They were perfectly formed spheres of flesh with a deep cleft in between, in which her petticoat used to be stuck due to the wetness there. Her plump, 38-inch ass sticks out like a taanpura (Indian Musical Instrument) from her waist, enticing me with their every move. I watch her from behind as she performs puja (Offer Prayers), her round butt jiggling under the thin cover of the petticoat. Her 30-inch waist is slightly fleshy and the gold chain she wears around it adds to its appeal.

Other than that time, my mom always wears saris at home.

As if this wasn't enough to drive a young hot-blooded male crazy, there were my two younger sisters. Asha was 25 and Ezhil was 23.

Asha is in her third year in college. She's a carbon copy of my mother with the same sweet face and fair skin but with a slimmer waist and hips. Her boobs have already grown to a 34C, though. Her slim 26-inch waist makes them look all the more big. There's nothing skinny about her ass though. Her 36-inch sized buttocks sway with every movement she makes and makes it hard for any one to look away, including me. She has long thick hair coming down to her ass and she always kept it tied in a pigtail.

Asha was very outgoing and had lots of friends, though she had only a couple of very good friends with whom she discussed all details about her personal life. Asha was the smart and practical type and knew when to keep her emotions in check.

My youngest sister, Ezhil, is in the first year in college. She's a shy girl who rarely speaks to anyone other than her close friends and family. She is also fair, though not as much as my mom and Asha. She has a slim figure with a 32A sized chest and a slim 23-inch waist. Her buttocks are a good 36 inches. Her hair is also thinner than Asha and comes down to her waist. She mostly keeps it open or else tied in a ponytail. She is very sensitive and cries at the slightest rebuke or the smallest pain.

Both the sisters dress quite conservatively while going to college or to tuitions; however, at home they wear flimsy cotton nighties, which come down to just above their knees. The dresses are tied with strings at the shoulders. Since it's quite warm in this part of the country, they don't wear any underwear at home. As a result, I am constantly exposed to the lovely view of their boobs bouncing under their light cotton dress, or their cleavages as they bend to reach for something. Sometimes, I can also see their dark nipples under their dress if they are standing in the light.

So one can imagine my predicament, living with three hot females yet unable to do anything about it.

Both the sisters were quite tall. They were both around 5'7" while my mom was 5'5". I was the tallest at 5'9".

Our family enjoys a lot of respect in the society, due to the behaviour of my mom, sisters and me. Specially my mother as she kept very good relations with all the neighbours. She is very much an affectionate person and cares a lot for others. That is why people like her a lot.

We were living a quiet and peaceful life, going about our livelihood. However, an incident happened sometime back which changed our lives forever.

One day, my mom announced that we would be going to a remote village, about 100 kms from our home, for offering prayers to a very sacred deity. My sisters and I protested, but she would have none of it.

"It is for your own good. And besides I cannot make such a long journey without a man by my side." Saying this she smiled at me. I felt a surge of pride at my mom calling me a man as she always treated me like a kid.

So, next day we all set of early morning for this village. There were only a handful of buses which went there and we were lucky to get seats in one. As we went, we realized that there was a huge rush to get to there as countless people were headed in the same direction, probably to offer prayers at the same place we were going.

We reached there at around noon. After reaching the place, we found that there were hundreds of people who had come to offer their prayers as well. Thus, we had to stand in a long line to get to the temple and then another long line to get our prasad. By the time we finished all this it was getting late. Finally we finished at around 6 pm and immediately rushed towards the bus stand.

All of us were very tired from the long day and were anxious to get home. Unfortunately, there was another huge rush to get to the limited number of buses as well. We searched around but couldn't find any bus that went to our side of town. There was only one bus that went near our place. However, it only went part of the way. We would have to get down and maybe catch another bus or any other transport. Since we didn't have any other options, we settled for this one.

The bus was totally crowded and we couldn't find any place to sit. We somehow managed to get a place to stand together. My mom and sisters were standing side by side, while I was standing behind mom. The bus was packed with people and there was hardly any space to move. Anyway, the bus started on its way.

Since it was very crowded, I was pressed tightly against my mother. As a result she was also pushed forward with the weight of people behind me. As it was quite dark outside and the lights inside the bus were very dim, one could hardly see anything unless they were right beside. I looked at her and suddenly realised that her breasts were being pushed towards the head of the person sitting in the seat in front of her. She was wearing a light green sari with a matching cotton blouse that day and was looking very pretty. I had told her so while we were coming. She had just smiled. Now my mom's boobs were being pressed against the cheeks of the person sitting sideways in the seat in front of her. And there was nothing she or I could do about it. I just looked on in silence as the old guy, who looked to be at least 50, enjoyed the feel of my mom's soft boobs on his skin. I secretly wondered whether her long nipples were hard as well and whether he could feel their hardness as well.

All these horny thoughts made my cock grow hard. I could feel it and I was sure that mom could feel it as well through her thin sari. But she didn't say anything. As we went along like this I suddenly noticed that mom's sari pallu had got a bit loose. As a result, the top of her blouse was exposed. And as I was taller than her, just by looking down I could see the luscious cleavage of her fair skinned boobs over her low-cut blouse. My mother's deep cleavage was damp from sweat. This enticing sight made my cock even more hard as it urgently pressed against my mom's ample backside. Regina didn't seem to be at all bothered that her son's penis was pressing against her buttocks. Or that her breasts were being mashed against a stranger's face.

She seemed quite oblivious to all this. To take my mind of the delectable view of my mom's copious assets, I turned my head to see if my sisters were comfortable.

What I saw shocked me to the extreme. They were also in the same position as my mom, but in this case they were sandwiched between four young men. Two guys were standing in front of both Asha and Ezhil, facing them, while two more guys were standing behind them. They looked to be low class workers, most probably labourers working in building construction. Well built but extremely dark skinned, they were wearing sleeveless vests and white dhotis, pulled up to their knees. All of them looked to be around 25-30 years old. They looked quite dirty as they had come from working long hours in the sun. Probably they were returning home after a long day and were smelling of sweat.

Asha and Ezhil were both wearing tight churidars which exposed their each and every curve. Asha was wearing a blue dress with a deep U-shaped neck and a zipper at the back. I saw the guy in front of her wasn't really doing anything at first. He just let the weight of the others push Asha's breasts against him and was enjoying the feel of her soft boobs on his chest. The guy at her back was pushing his hips against her butt and slowly rubbing his hard member against her bulging 36-inch ass. I could see his organ bulging out obscenely from his dhoti.

I helplessly watched my younger sister getting molested by two strangers. I wanted to say something but was fixed to the spot by this erotic sight. Moreover, I could feel my cock grow even harder and give a twitch as I watched the two guys enjoying my sister's hot body. I couldn't see how Ezhil was doing. No doubt she was also receiving a similar treatment from these low class labourers. The guy standing behind Asha slowly lifted her churidar over her hips and held it there. She was wearing skin tight white leggings, over which I could clearly see the impression of the rounded moons of her fleshy ass. As it had been a long day, the legging had dug deep in to the deep cleft between her ample butt cheeks. Her crack was damp with sweat. It turned me on even more when I saw the worker behind her trace the length of her ass crack with his hard cock. Asha, it seems, had taken the same policy as mom. She was going to ignore it. But the guy at her back was getting bolder by the minute. Within a few moments I saw him free his penis from under his dhoti. It was quite large and black as coal. He began to slowly rub his erect organ against the deep cleft of her ass.

I thought I would come in my pants as I watched this horny scene unfold. Asha was standing with her arms raised to grip the hand rail above. She was still acting as if nothing was wrong. I was sure she could feel the low class worker's cock pressing against her plump ass, but she didn't say a word. As if this was a nightmare that she would soon wake up from. The sweaty workman continued to rub his thick cock up and down my sister's ass crack and there was nothing I could do about it. I just watched as he enjoyed my sister's soft ass. In fact, he got even bolder. He suddenly gripped Asha's cheeks from both sides and began to spread them. His fingers dug into her fleshy bottom as the worker separated the fleshy globes of her ass enough to create a small gap there. And then he pressed his penis lengthwise in the cleavage. When her let go of her cheeks, his thick black organ was trapped in the crevice by her muscles.

Asha's ass cheeks gripped the labourer's penis really hard. I could see her begin to squirm now, but it was too late. She tried to move away, but it was just too crowded. The man fucked his cock up and down Asha's damp crack as he held her steady by her hips.

The guy in front of Asha also became active as he sensed what was happening at the back, from her movements. He took out his cock and started to rub it on her pussy, over her dress. My sister was being sandwiched by two low class workers.

I became so hard that I thought mom would surely turn around. But she was silent. When I turned for a moment towards her to see how she was doing, I was in for another shock. Her sari pallu had slipped quite a bit from the jerking of the bus and now her entire right boob was uncovered. It was still covered with a blouse of course, but it was so low cut that half her fair breasts were exposed. She was hunched over the seat, so that the guy in front could reach her tits with his mouth. And he was rubbing the exposed flesh with his lips. I stared in wonder and disgust as I saw him licking my mother's sweaty flesh.

The whole scene just sent me into a haze. I suddenly heard a low groan and looked sideways, towards Asha. The guy humping her ass cheeks was coming. I watched with disgust as globs of semen erupted from his penis and landed on her ass. Her dress was soiled form his juices. The worker in front of her sensed that the other guy had finished and started to rub his cock harder. He finally came all over the front of her dress as well. Now my sister's leggings were wet with cock juice in the front and back.

Even though I was hard as a rock, I was also getting worried. This could turn out to be a nightmare for us, if more people suddenly decide to join the fun in molesting my mother and sisters.

Thankfully, the bus conductor announced our stop and we had to get down in a hurry. I saw my mom straighten her sari and move away, but not before the old guy in front of her had given her breast a tight squeeze.

Asha too straightened her clothes, thankful to get away from the two molesting workers. I saw Ezhil pull her churidar down as well. Apparently the two guys sandwiching her were fondling her boobs under her dress.

Anyway, we got down at our stop. We would have to get another bus or cab from here to reach our house. By this time it was almost 9 pm and the roads were deserted. We were still quite a distance form our home.

We were the only ones at the bus stop. All of us were quite worried, but none more than me as I had been entrusted with the safety of three females. We silently waited for any mode of transport to come our way. Meanwhile it had started to drizzle. The covering on the bus stop was not large enough to cover us all. As a result we all became sopping wet within a short while.

"Son, I'm getting quite worried. Wonder when the bus will come?" My mother voiced all of our concerns.

"Don't worry, mom. Something will turn up soon." Saying this I wanted to reassure my mother and sisters. But the truth was that I was feeling less and less reassured myself.

However, as if by divine intervention, we saw approaching headlights.

"Here comes a car. Whoever this is, we will ask for a lift. Surely they will not deny us at this hour." I said. My mother and sisters nodded their approval. They were also tired of waiting.

As the vehicle got closer, I could make out that it was a police jeep.

"Thank god. It's the cops. Now we will be safe." I thought.

I waved my hand in front to signal it to stop. Sure enough, the jeep slowed, and then stopped in front of us. I could make out an inspector sitting in the front seat. He was a short, stout man, dark and wearing dark glasses. He was the first to speak.

"What are you folks doing out here so late?" He said in raspy voice.

Regina spoke up. "Please sir, help us out. We had gone for puja with my family and now we can't find any bus to take us home."

The inspector took a long look at her and my sisters. All of us were wet and I was highly aware that each curve of their bodies were exposed to the gaze of the cop. I didn't like it but was helpless as we really didn't have any options.

He then asked her in a polite manner where we lived. Mother gave him the address. All this while I was silent as my mother was taking the lead.

"Okay, madam, please get in the back. I will see that you reach home safely". He smiled as he ushered us in the back.

Regina sat with Ezhil in the back seat, while I and Asha sat at the back, where two seats were kept sideways. Other than us, the inspector and the driver, there were four other cops who were of lower rank. All of them were tall and quite well built, with good physiques. Mother and Ezhil were sitting between two of the policemen while one each was sitting beside me and Asha.

The inspector started chatting with us, asking about us, our names and what we do. He addressed me and my sisters as 'beta' while talking to mom as 'madam'. In a while we all relaxed at his friendly attitude.

We went on the deserted road like this for a while. It was pitch dark, the only light coming from the jeep's headlights. It was still raining lightly, making visibility near zero. I was staring hard at the road to make out if we were going in the right direction, but since I was unfamiliar with these roads, I couldn't make out a thing and soon gave up.

Suddenly, the driver swerved and turned into a dirt road.

We were all surprised as he veered from the main road. But none of us said anything as we were afraid of seeming impolite. Finally my mom asked the inspector, whose name was Vijay, where he was going. Vijay politely replied that they were going to a police warehouse to pick up some stuff. We all were satisfied by this reply though I felt a strange feeling of unease. I looked at Asha and she also looked worried. The jeep finally stopped in front of an old warehouse.

The policemen all got out. Vijay told us to get of as well. Not knowing why, but due to his authoritive tone, we all complied. Suddenly, we were grabbed by the men standing behind us in one swift move. There were four cops and each of them grabbed one of us while Vijay unholstered his revolver. I struggled to free myself but the cop holding me was very strong, with beefy arms and large hands. It was impossible for me to get out his grip as he held me from behind. I looked around to see that my mother and sisters were trapped as well.

Vijay's demeanor had changed in an instant. His look of polite kindness was gone as he opened his dark glasses to look at us. His eyes were quite large and bloodshot.

"I recognized you whores the moment I saw you. You filthy slut, don't you feel ashamed of peddling your daughters for money? And pimp. Motherfucker....pimping out your own mother..." Vijay said all this as he looked from my mother to my sisters to me. He was waving his gun in our faces as he did it. As his face was very near to me, I could smell the sour stench of country liquor. He seemed very drunk.

He gestured to his men, "Bring the whores and their pimp inside. I will show them the punishment we give to prostitutes in my area."

We were dragged inside unceremoniously. Inside were several chairs and a table. There was a dirty mattress that was lying to one side.

We were all forcibly tied to the chairs by the cops while the inspector waved his pistol and supervised.

When we were all immobilized, he surveyed us all as my sisters shivered in fear. Ezhil was weeping softly. I was feeling totally helpless. Mom, however, was still able to keep her composure.

"Sir, you have made a mistake. I and my daughters are not prostitutes. We all belong from a decent family. We had gone to offer puja and we only asked for your help as we were unable to find our way home. You're a decent man, please let us go...."

She was silenced by Vijay's shout of anger. "Shut up, whore..!! You will speak when spoken to... I'm still trying to decide what to do with you. Should I throw you in lock-up or just shoot all of you and be done with it"

Hearing this we were all shocked. Mom now got very scared and started to plead with him.

"Please sir, don't harm my children. I'll give you anything you ask for...anything, money, jewellry...whatever you want. Please let us go."

Seeing my mother beg for our lives, Vijay seemed to calm down somewhat. He went near my mom, bent his head so that his face was inches from hers and said, "Okay, you bitch, I'll spare all of your lives. From now on you will do and say whatever I want you to. If you cooperate, we will let you go without any injury. But if you decide to protest or to act smart, I will not hesitate to blow your son's brains to the wall."

He continued as he gestured the man behind her to untie her. "There is only one rule; you have to follow every order of mine without hesitation. The slightest reluctance and your son gets a bullet in the head."

Regina nodded her head to show that she understood. She had stood up from the chair. The inspector grabbed her by the waist and dragged her to the table. He then turned her back towards us and began to fondle her. He ran his hands on her waist, her soft belly, her sari covered ass and then went higher to caress her neck and face. He was petting her like a new toy.

"Sir, what is it that you want me to do?" I heard my mom say in a shaking voice.

"Oh, nothing too hard. You see, me and my boys have been on duty for quite a while. We're really tired. We would just like you to entertain us."

" can I entertain you?"

"I'm sure we'll find a way" Saying this the short man started laughing. His subordinates joined in his sick laughter. As if to show her the way, he took her hand and guided it to his crotch.

Regina knew all along that this was going to happen, so when he finally pressed her hand on his organ, she sighed in resignation. She knew we wouldn't walk away from here alive unless she gave her body to this vile man. I hope he at least spares my daughters, she thought. She looked down at his bulge and as we looked on, gave it a slight squeeze, as if to show her willingness to please him.

Vijay smiled at her actions. He sat down in a chair and pulled mom roughly towards him, so that she almost fell on his lap. He grabbed her around the waist and placed her ass directly on his crotch. Mom was noticeably uneasy as Vijay ground his organ on her soft ass over her sari and petticoat. Next his hands reached up and grabbed her breasts. He then began to fondle her boobs over her blouse. The pallu of her sari had slipped from her shoulder, so all of us got a good view of her blouse clad boobs being squashed by Vijay's hands.

Then he started to unhook the clasps in front of her green cotton blouse one by one. More and more of her fair breasts were exposed until he pulled the wet garment away from her body and she was left sitting in just her white bra. Mom's face was red with embarrassment as she was sitting in her underwear in front of her own children. She tried not to look at us in her shame. But I was mesmerized by the sight of my mother being stripped forcibly in front of me. Vijay then opened the clasp of the bra and let it fall free. I saw mom's boobs naked for the first time. I was awed by the firmness of her milky assets. Regina's dark brown nipples were hard due to the wetness of her dress. Putting her left arm over his shoulder, Vijay bent forward to take them in his mouth. He began to press and squeeze her tits as he sucked on her hard nubs. Regina put her head over his shoulder, as if to hide her face from her children. She decided to plead for her shame.

"Please, Sir... not in front of my children. Let us go to some other side...Please Sir..."

"Shut up, whore...!! You'll do as you're told." Vijay shouted. "Now get down on your knees, slut. It's time to show you who your master really is."

Mom was made to stand up first, so that Vijay could open her sari. He just sat in his chair and pulled the sari from her body as my mother turned around in a circle with her head bent in shame and her arms covering her boobs. She was now standing in her petticoat.

She was made to kneel before Vijay as he sat in his chair. She was told to open his zipper, which she did. Vijay then directed her to take his penis out. Regina dutifully reached inside his trousers, pulled down his briefs and took out his semi hard cock. It was so thick that mom could barely grab it in her tiny hands.

"What are you waiting for bitch? Take it in your mouth and suck it like a lollipop." With that, Vijay put his hand on the back of her head and guided her lips to his black cock. I looked on helplessly as the policeman's dirty cock entered my mother's mouth. She took the head in her mouth and began to lick on it slowly. The inspector wasn't satisfied by this. He held her head with one hand and tried to stuff his entire tool in her mouth with the other. I watched as more and more of his cock went inside her mouth until he hit her throat. Still a part of his organ was outside. Vijay grabbed my mom by her thick hair and began to push his penis in and out of her mouth. We all were watching as the cop fucked my mother's face and mauled her boobs at the same time with his free hand. Her mouth was struggling to accommodate his thickness and spit was running down her lips as Vijay continued to ravage my mom's sweet, innocent face. Finally he took it out when mom started to gasp from lack of oxygen. Regina gasped as she took deep breaths, her chest heaving. His black cock had now grown to full hardness. As it glistened with mom's saliva, I looked at it and thought that it had to be at least 8 inches in length. It was also really thick.

He stood up and stripped fully naked. He was a short, stout man with a protruding belly, under which his large, thick organ was sticking out. It was giving small jerks from excitement. He bent my mom over the table, so that she was lying flat against it. Slowly he lifted her petticoat over her shapely hips to expose her round, fleshy butt to our view. Regina felt her panties being pulled down to her ankles. She went red with shame as she knew that her son and daughters were watching her naked ass.

"Oooh... the bitch has got a nice ass, isn't it boys...?" Vijay said loudly as he slapped one cheek with his rough hands. The other cops laughed in agreement. "Maybe I'll taste it later...." he grinned, exposing his tobacco stained teeth.

Vijay started to spank my mom's ass cheeks as we all watched helplessly. He repeatedly slapped her fair buttocks until they were reddish in colour. Regina was lying flat on the table and whimpering in pain as she endured Vijay's beating on her soft ass flesh.

Vijay's penis was quivering with lust as he spanked mom. Finally, he stopped and started to finger her vaginal lips from behind.

"Are you ready, you slut?"

Regina didn't know what else to say but she knew she had to be completely submissive or Vijay would harm her children.

"Yes, Sir...."

"Do you want it, randi?"

"Yes, Sir...."

"Yes, what...??? Tell me you want my hard cock in your pussy. Tell me to make you my whore." Vijay urged mom.

Regina had never used such filthy words, but again, she forced herself to mouth them.

"Yes Sir, put your hard cock in me and make me your whore."

Without wasting time, the horny cop placed his cock head at my mother's pussy hole from behind and pushed it in. Regina groaned in pain as her long unused hole was stretched by the thick pole.

"Oooohhh... the whore's cunt is still tight. Guess you haven't been getting too many customers, huh? How do you like my cock, you slut?" Vijay said as he began to fuck my mother with long, hard strokes, slapping her ass cheeks for his pleasure.

I watched helplessly as my mom was being raped before my very eyes. Vijay held onto her hips as he pushed more and more of his thick pole up her vagina. His hard slaps on her plump buttocks made a smacking sound as the policeman continued to fuck my mom from the back.

He put one leg up on the table and pushed her down with even more force, so that she was lying with her face mashed against the table and groaning in pain as his hard organ invaded her pussy brutally.

One of the men, no longer able to control himself, was rubbing Asha's boobs over her dress. She couldn't do anything as her hands were tied firmly behind her. Her mouth was also stuffed with a dirty cloth. As I watched in horror, another man joined in molesting my sister. She was squirming in her seat as her large boobs were being pressed against her will.

The policemen lifted her dress over her chest as much as they could. Then one of them unhooked her bra from behind. As the garment became loose, they pulled up the cups to expose Asha's 34-inch breasts. I watched in horror as my sister was fondled by the two cops. They each took one fleshy sphere in their palm and began to mercilessly press and squeeze them. Asha couldn't make a sound as her mouth was still stuffed with the cloth. She just made muffled sounds of protest, which further intensified the men's lust.

Vijay turned his head and watched his men molest Asha as he fucked Regina's long unused pleasure hole. He smiled a toothy grin as if to give his go-ahead to his men to take her forcibly.

Soon, the two guys were working in tandem, opening the ropes which kept Asha's hands tied and tying it around her waist. She was now tied from the waist down, her legs bound by the ankles to the two legs of the chair, making her legs slightly spread apart. The cloth in her mouth was taken out. The zipper at the back of her dress was opened and her blue churidar was lifted over her head. Asha vainly tried to cover her ample boobs with her hands, but they were held easily by one cop while the other guy pulled her open bra from her shoulders. My sister was now completely naked from the waist up. Her round and firm breasts were sticking out from her chest like two ripe fruit. She was so fair that her nipples were almost pink. Her fair skin, her flat belly with just a hint of fat and her deep navel made the sight all the more intoxicating. I was staring in admiration as her beauty. 'So this is how mom must have looked in her younger days' I thought irrationally as my cock became rock hard for the second time that night.

The cops also couldn't believe their luck that they had such a succulent young virgin girl to enjoy.

With a groan, one guy went down on his knees beside her and took her right breast in his hand. Rubbing the soft flesh, he flicked his tongue out to lick at her nipples. The pink nubs were rapidly becoming erect against Asha's will. She couldn't control her excitement, even though she knew she would be raped in this deserted warehouse by the horny men who surrounded her. The other guy followed suit.

I watched helplessly as my sister's ripe young body was being enjoyed by two dirty cops. Her plump, juicy fruits were being squeezed and kissed and licked while her stiff, pink buds were being pinched and sucked and bitten. The policemen sucked away at her nipples, pulling them with their lips as far as they could. Her soft nubs were stretched painfully. They bit her soft tit-flesh, leaving red marks all over her boobs. Asha groaned in pain as I watched one guy pinch her nipple between his teeth and pull at it repeatedly.

They soon stood up as they couldn't control their excitement any longer and started to strip. One by one their shirts and vests, then their trousers came off in a hurry, they left their boots on, probably because the warehouse floor was quite dirty and strewn with junk. Their dicks made quite a bulge in their briefs. Both of them were quite well built, with muscular chests and bulging biceps, they were close to six feet.

Then they took off their briefs.

Asha gasped as she watched the hard cocks come in her view. They were as long and thick as Vijay's cock, if not more. They were thick, veined pieces of coal-black meat which were sticking straight out from their bodies.

The policemen grinned at her amazement. For a virgin girl, seeing two live cocks in front of her that also of this length and girth was just too much too process. Her eyes became glazed as Asha went in to some kind of haze.

The two men circled her. One of them put his organ on her lips. She submissively opened her mouth and allowed the cop to guide his thick meat in her wet mouth. The other one took her hand and guided it to his cock. She started to rub it on her own. The men exchanged smiles as they watched this young girl begin to pleasure them without any prodding on their part. Asha's mouth moved against her will, opening and closing in response to each stroke of the cock between her lips, as her shining waist length hair was grabbed roughly. Her head rose and fell with her movements as she moved from one cock to another, trying to satisfy the carnal desires of both the men. Her lips were being stretched by the thickness of their meat. The well hung policemen fucked her mouth relentlessly, taking turns in using her.

Regina watched helplessly as Asha was stripped, then fondled and also as the cops stripped. She now watched in horror as her daughter was forced to perform orally for the men's pleasure.

Vijay had put his leg down on the ground and had grabbed Regina's shoulders as he continued to plow her pussy with full force. After a while, he pulled out. Regina was pulled to her feet and dragged to the mattress beside the table. It was quite dirty with holes in it, but it was better than the floor. Her petticoat was opened as she stood there, shaking from the battering she had just received from Vijay. I saw my mom's pussy lips for the first time. She was clean shaven as I expected. The lips were slightly open as Vijay's hard blows had loosened her long unused hole. She was still a bit disoriented as she was pushed to her knees by the cop. Vijay grabbed her hair and pulled her head towards his slimy, wet cock, which was covered in her juices. It was hard and throbbing with lust. Regina looked at it and shuddered in disgust, but one look from Vijay silenced her. Regina knew that she would have to suck and clean this cock which was wet from her cunt juice. He pushed his wet penis between her ruby red lips and Regina obediently opened her mouth to take his dirty cock in.

I looked on helplessly as my mother was defiled by this dirty old man.

Vijay closed his eyes as her enjoyed Regina's lips and tongue on his tumescent cock. She was cleaning his cock dutifully, licking at the juices sticking to the sides and sucking on his fat reddish knob. He hadn't cum yet and he must have been aching for release. Soon, his cock was ready.

"Is it clean yet, you cock loving slut?" Vijay asked in a stern voice.

Regina timidly said, "Sir, it is clean now."

"Good, now lie down on your back. It's time your cunt got a dose of my cream." saying so, Vijay positioned mom on her back and went down on his knees before her. He then lay on her fully, his whole weight on her as he grabbed her neck in an elbow grip. Licking the side of her neck, he whispered something in her ear.

Regina was told to put his cock back in her cunt. She reached between them and grabbing his penis, proceeded to guide the stiff pole into the soft folds of her moist warm sheath.

"Aaaah...." She groaned as Vijay's fat cock head penetrated her for the second time that night. Vijay forced his lips on hers as he continued to push deeper into her juicy hole.

Meanwhile, the two policemen who were standing beside Ezhil also decided to take matters into their hands, literally. They were clutching their crotches and stroking them as they watched the rape of my mom. They really needed to get off but were probably waiting for Vijay's signal to fuck Ezhil.

A few moments later, one of them called out hesitantly.


Vijay turned his head momentarily and understanding the situation, just gave a casual nod towards Ezhil.

I couldn't believe it. With just a simple gesture, the inspector gave his green signal to his subordinates to rape my virgin sister.

The men started to untie Ezhil. First her hands were untied, then the gag in her mouth was taken out and finally her legs were freed as she was dragged to her feet. There were some packaging boxes nearby. One guy bought a few and flattened them to form a makeshift bed for them to lie on while the other held Ezhil firmly in his grip. She had by now understood that she was going to be raped and started to sob softly. Big tears were forming at her eyes. She was too scared too cry out loudly as she was stunned by the turn of events. Her mother was being raped before her eyes as two men with huge dicks fucked her sister's mouth. It was a shock to her system. She just stood there as the two policemen started to strip her. First her light blue churidar was opened, the men opening the zipper and forcibly pulling the garment over her shoulders and arms, even as she tried to resist. Her 32-inch breasts encased in a black bra came into view. She went red with shame as she vainly tried to hide her assets from our view. The cops then opened their shirts and vest to reveal their well developed chests.

One of the men suddenly grabbed her and started to kiss her madly. He fondled her lovingly at the same time. His hands traveled all over her body, from her bare back to her bra covered breasts to her hips and thighs. He just couldn't get enough of this young, virgin girl who was at his disposal. He grabbed and caressed her flesh anywhere he could. Ezhil was helpless to stop this assault on her. He was just too strong for her. The other guy just watched, waiting for his turn to prey on her. The cop was kissing her neck and face and gradually came down to her mouth. He forced his lips on Ezhil's mouth and kissed her forcibly, sucking on her lower lip. His tongue darted in her mouth and Ezhil had no choice but to accept it. As the cop kissed her, his hands went to her back. He unhooked her bra and pulled the straps from her arms. Ezhil was topless and I caught a glimpse of her medium sized boobs with the dark nipples. I was getting more and more excited at this. My cock threatened to burst from my pants as I watched the policeman dip his head and kiss his way down her neck to her breasts.

He grabbed her ripe fruit like breasts and kissed and sucked on them as he squeezed them with force. The other guy couldn't wait any longer as he also joined the first cop and grabbed her right breast.

I watched helplessly as the two well-built men mauled Ezhil's soft flesh. They were squeezing her boobs and kissing on them while licking and sucking on her hard nipples. Ezhil had stopped trying to fend them off and was caught up in a wave of lust as pleasurable sensations flooded her nubile body.

She didn't protest as the men lowered her on to the floor, on top of the flattened packing boxes. They swiftly undressed. As their briefs were lowered, Ezhil gasped at the sight of their erect cocks. Both of them were well hung. They had to be as long and thick as the guys who were face fucking Asha. Their erect organs swung in the air as they approached my sister.

Ezhil by now started to whimper in mild protest.

"Please sir, don't do this, I beg of you....Please...I'm a virgin, don't ruin me..." She said in a soft voice. The men paid no heed to her. In fact, they seemed to get more excited on hearing that she was a virgin.

Both of them went down beside her on the makeshift bed and continued to fondle her body, focusing on her breasts and nipples. They were pulling on the hard nubs for their pleasure, even as Ezhil groaned of pain each time her nipples were painfully pulled away from her body. Gradually they opened the string of her leggings and loosened it. One of them dragged the lower garment away from her legs. Ezhil tried to pull up the garment. But in vain; the men swatted her hand away as if she were a child. Her white panties followed. She struggled a bit as they forcibly stripped her. But Ezhil was helpless to stop them as the last piece of clothing was taken from her body and she was totally naked before them.

saw my sister's ripe breasts, her wide hips and the little cleft between her legs, hiding her virgin pussy hole. I watched in shock as one of the policemen rolled over her, positioning himself to deflower my virgin sister. Ezhil was held motionless by the weight of the well muscled policeman lying over her. I watched as he raised himself on his knees with one hand. With the other, he held his massive organ.

Putting the red knob at the entrance of her pussy, he rubbed it on the lips as he prepared to enter her. He felt her wetness on his cock.

"Hey, this bitch is all wet..." The policeman spoke for the first time.

"Yeah", the other guy smiled, "Bet she's going to love her first fuck."

Ezhil turned her head away in shame. Guilt racked her, as her body had betrayed her excitement to her rapists. She was looking directly towards me.

She was lying a few feet from me and I tried to console her with my eyes. My mouth was still stuffed with some dirty cloth.

The man looked in the direction she was looking. When he saw that we were looking at each other, he paused. In a moment, he was on his feet and near me.

Grabbing my face roughly with his hand, he squeezed hard as he put his face near me and said in a cold voice, "So...feeling bad for your whore sister, huh...!? Well, you can be the one to betray her to us...What do you say..??"

I couldn't understand what he was trying to say. His painful pinching of my cheeks bought tears to my eyes. I didn't say a word as he untied my hands and feet and removed my gag. I was free, but I couldn't even think of running as my feet and arms were numb from being tied for so long. And even if I tried, I was sure I would not get more than 4 feet before being dragged to the ground and severely beaten. So I stayed silent as he dragged me over to where Ezhil was lying naked with the other cop.

He forced me to my knees with a push on my shoulders. Then he himself got down on his knees once again between Ezhil's outstretched legs. I was facing him. I could see my virgin sister's vagina up close. She looked so small, I was wondering how the guy was going to fit into her. I didn't have to wonder for very long.

The policeman grabbed the back of my neck and forced me towards his penis. It was inches from my face.

His cock was throbbing with lust, the skin stretched tautly over the bulbous head, red from excitement. A drop of pre cum hung from the piss hole.

He spoke in a cold voice then, "Now take my cock and put it in your sister's virgin cunt."

I was stunned at his order. It was not enough that I had to witness the rape of my mother and two sisters helplessly; he now wanted me to be a participant in their rape..!!

I was about to say something when a hand crashed onto my cheek. My world went dark for a second or two. When I came to, he was saying again, "Now if don't want another slap like that, beg me to put my cock in your sister's pussy and take her virginity..."

I was too stunned for a few seconds. But when I saw his hand being raised again, I started saying, "Please sir, put your cock in my sister's pu..pussy and take her vir..virginity.."

"Want me to come in her?"

"Yes sir, please cum in her. Fill her with your sperm and make her pregnant." I was muttering almost incoherently.

"Now put it in, pimp." He barked. Then added as an afterthought. "And get naked first. I want your sister to see how her own brother's cock looks like." He grinned as he said that.

I didn't know what to do. I just stood there numbly as I tried to process his words. I had to get naked in front of my own sister..!!

I knew I didn't have an option as I didn't want to get beaten again. So I started undressing. Soon, I was down to my briefs. My cock, which had become hard moments ago, was now shriveled due to fear.

The cop gestured at my underwear, "That too, boy..."

I went red with shame as I pulled the brief down finally standing naked in front of the men and Ezhil.

"Hey look at that, man...he really is a boy...ha ha ha..." the policeman laughed as they pointed at my penis. It had shrunk to just two inches. I tried to cover myself but they would have none of it.

"Keep you hands to your sides...let your sister see her pimp-brother...ha ha..." They ordered as they continued to laugh at my small organ.

"Here boy... come here and feel a real man's cock...", With that he gestured me to come closer and touch his cock.

I went on my knees again as I reached out and gingerly touched his tool. I held the hot shaft in my hand, the first time I was holding anyone's penis but mine. Amazingly, my prick started to grow from the touch. It became longer and longer until it had reached it's full length of 5 inches. But it was still flaccid. it was hanging limply over my tight balls. I couldn't understand it and they also didn't notice it. On his instructions, I put the head of the thick, black member at Ezhil's closed pussy lips. I rubbed it in the opening, until the tip was lodged inside.

He pushed forward, splitting Ezhil's cunt lips wider, and she felt the first wave of pain from the cruel pressure of his huge cock on the tender outer walls of her virgin pussy. I still held it in my hand and felt it pass between my fingers into my sister's body.

"Oh, nooooo, waaaaiiiit--it's too big!" Ezhil cried as the thick tip slipped further in, stretching the tiny, hair-fringed entrance of her cunt wide until she felt as if her abdomen were splitting wide-apart from the force of his merciless probing. I felt his monster cock go in inch by inch into Ezhil's untouched opening. The cop put more pressure on her until, with a final thrust of his hips, he tore through her hymen and buried himself balls-deep in Ezhil's tender hole.

Regina was too caught up in the hard fuck she had been receiving to pay any heed to the events unfolding a bit away from her. At Ezhil's cry, she turned her head and looked at her daughter to find that a cop had already buried his cock deep in her pussy.

Mom cried out, "Stop...please...for God's're hurting her, you're hurting her!"

She was screaming as she was held by Vijay, his weight pinning her down and preventing her from rushing to her daughter's rescue. She saw that the men were oblivious to her emotions and obviously had not even heard her and were lost in the perverted sight of the well built man taking the virginity of this nubile young girl by force. The policeman's face twisted into a contorted expression of sheer animal desire as he looked down at the sensual body lying spread-eagled beneath him, the head of his large virile penis disappearing inch by inch into the soft folds of her warm, moist pussy.

He fell forward then, his weight smashing Ezhil's breasts tightly back against her as he thrust his hips forward and rammed into her soft hot belly, the long, thick prick gliding into cunt and pushing the delicate moist flesh of her cunt walls before it in rippling waves. There was no stopping him and he rammed on, deeper and deeper, until with a loud groan, his sperm inflated balls smacked loudly against the cheeks of her naked buttocks.

"Aaaaagggghhhh!" Ezhil wailed in pain beneath him.

She had never felt like this in her entire life and she finally understood the mystery of sexual pleasure and what it can do to a woman. The cop's bone-hard, heavily-veined cock felt as though it had ripped her vaginal passage as he slammed into her without thought of mercy or injury to her tender insides. It filled her belly to the point of bursting.

She could feel every bit of his hard flesh as it pressed tightly against her soft, young pussy, encased in the moist hot sheath of her previously virgin hole.

"How is it, randi? How does it feel to have your whore mother watching you fuck as she gets fucked by Sir?" he tormented her, feeling her tight hole opening to receive him deep inside.

I watched my sister's rape sitting two feet away from her on the ground. And I suddenly felt myself growing larger and thicker than ever in my life before. I was now hard as a steel rod. My cock was dying to get some attention, but I couldn't risk touching myself in front of them.

Meanwhile, Regina was whimpering and pleading to the inspector, but her voice had now lost all strength. She was lying on the mattress under the lusty cop, her head to one side as she watched the rape of her daughter, her body limp, while Vijay fucked ruthlessly into her, gritting his teeth with lust and luxuriating in his awareness that a really hot housewife was under him, receiving his penis in her still tight passage, which had only perhaps been used by her husband.

Gradually, as he continued fucking her and Ezhil received the other cop's thrusts, a change came over her. She turned her head to look straight at Vijay. Then he put her hands on his back and grabbed him. The pleasure was starting to flow in her. She was compulsively following Vijay now, beginning to hump in small jerks beneath him. She was finally getting in the mood of being the policemen's fuck toy. I noticed this and became even more ashamed.

Mom groaned in excitement then, shocking me as she wrapped her arms tightly around Vijay's neck, pulling his chest into the velvety softness of her beautiful white breasts. He bent forward and pressed his lips against hers. I was even more shocked to see that mom was kissing him back, welcoming his probing tongue in her mouth, while sucking on it with her soft, red lips. Vijay grabbed her lips in his and sucked on them passionately. At the same time, he plunged his long cock in and out of her pussy hole, filling her, sinking his long slippery prick back and forth between her vaginal lips until she felt as though it would tear her up.

But I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

Mom started to mumble incoherently as she received Vijay's thick cock in her long unused hole. I think, she finally had lost all her sense of shame at being raped while watching her daughters being raped as well and was taken up in the wave of carnal pleasure. Vijay had awakened a long forgotten cum-slut in her, who just cared about her own release.

"Oh, yes, oh yesssss, fuck me, fuck my hole, I'm your whore for life Sir, anytime you want to fuck me, just call and I'll come, fuck it hard, that... Oooohhh it feels soooo good.."

Vijay was pleased at her readiness. He slipped his hands down her sides and grasped the wildly pumping cheeks of her ass, jerking them up off the mattress to gain better access to the moist wet hole of her cunt. Then, pressing forward, he slid his palms down to her knees and forced her legs up, and pushed them back over her shoulders until her knees were painfully bent and crushing her breasts. Her luxurious body was bent back double as Vijay got on his haunches and proceeded to rape her pussy with even more force. He was putting his entire weight behind each thrust and mom groaned with each powerful stroke.

This way, the whole of her wetly glistening cunt was opened to him as he increased the power of his thrusts, driving in with long, hard lunges that seemed to receive their momentum from the very tips of his toes, cramming the very last inch of his thick, black cock into her with lust.

He was driving with longer smoother strokes into the hot, steaming passage up between her drawn back thighs as she put her hands on his buttocks and tried desperately to pull more of his cock into her. Deliberately teasing her, he pulled his cock almost all the way out of her hungrily clasping vagina on the back stroke, waited until she grew impatient and begged for it, imploring with her eyes, then thrust forward again with full force into her uplifted buttocks until he was buried to the hilt in her warm hole. With each thrust I could see his swollen testicles slapping against the unprotected crevice of her anus.

Juicy wet smacking sounds filled the warehouse with each brutal fuck-stroke he made into her as his thighs slapped into her upturned ass, blending in tempo with the sounds of their moans of pleasure. He slammed into her with a rhythmic thump-thump sound while ecstatic moans fell from her lips, resounding through the warehouse.

Vijay placed his hands on her ankles, still forcing her legs up and apart and lifted himself so that he could watch the my mom's exquisitely beautiful face. It was something he did not want to miss, the sexy surrender of this smooth, soft-bodied mother who had begged so profusely to let her go just a while ago. And now she was begging him to fuck her.

Well, she had brought two more succulent fruits to his disposal and he could think of nothing nicer than having the mother and then having her young, virgin daughters too. He had his eyes on Asha. Her voluptuous figure with that plump ass, her shining skin, her long hair that he was just itching to pull hard as her rode her like a horse, ramming his thick tool in her virgin pussy over and over. He yearned to hear her sharp gasps of pleasure as he fucked heavily into her ass hole, skewering her with his rigid pole. She would love it. He could imagine her fucking back shamelessly, urging him on with every lunge of her hips and every shout of unbridled passion. "Oh, God, fill me, fill me! Give me more!" she would beg, gasping in uncontrolled desire.

He came out of that reverie around Asha and turned his head to look in her direction.

Asha had been freed from the chair and was being made to kneel on the floor as the cops stuffed here mouth with their meat. Her mouth was dripping with saliva as the men thrust their hard organs in her mouth in turn, using her small mouth for their pleasure. One of them held her hair tightly in their hands as he pushed in and out of her mouth. She was made to stroke the cock that she wasn't sucking. After a few moments, the other guy grabbed her hair, turned her towards him and started to fuck her face. Her hand instinctively went to the remaining cock. Her mouth made wet slurping sounds as the tools stretched her lips painfully. The men didn't care as they enjoyed Asha sucking on their thick cocks.

As Vijay watched, one of his men lost it. With a loud groan, he held Asha's head on his cock with force. Asha tried to pull away, instinctively knowing what was coming, but was held in place by the policeman's forceful grip. The long penis was buried halfway in her mouth. Surely it was in her throat as well. He started to cum then, his prick jerking as it spilled its load in her mouth and down her throat. Asha gagged, but the cop didn't let her go until he had ejaculated fully in her mouth. She was forced to swallow the thick cream. He finally let her go when he was satisfied that she had taken the entire load of warm juice into her belly. She gasped as the thick cock came out of her mouth.

"So she swallowed the entire load...Hmmm...have to try that soon", Vijay thought in his twisted mind as he saw his subordinate dump his sperm in Asha's mouth.

"Now lick it clean, slut. Show me how much you love my cock juice." The satisfied cop ordered her. She obediently held the organ, which was still hard and twitching, in her hand and proceeded to lick the hot flesh, lapping up whatever little semen was sticking to it.

Soon she pulled away, to indicate that she had done her job. Almost immediately she was grabbed by the other cop. He had been stroking his long shaft as he watched Asha take his colleague's semen in her mouth and swallow it. He was also ready to come. He held her hair in a tight grip, almost like a ponytail, as he continued to pump his penis in front of her face. He was going to humiliate her further by coming on her face.

He was trembling with desire as he ordered the innocent girl kneeling in front of him. "Open your mouth, randi..."

Asha instantly obeyed. She opened her mouth wide as far as she could to catch the man's semen. The sight of the virgin girl waiting with her mouth open to receive his juice after she had just swallowed a load of cum, was just too much for the horny cop. With a loud cry, he aimed his swollen cock head at her mouth and let loose his load of thick jism. The globs of semen landed on Asha's face, most of it going inside her open mouth, some landing in her cheeks and nose as the cop sprayed her beautiful, innocent face with his sperm. Asha's face was covered in the warm, sticky juice coming out of his cock. She was pulled forward and the head of the erupting shaft was forced into her mouth. The cop groaned as he felt her wet tongue on his sensitive head. He finished cumming in her mouth. As he pulled out finally, Asha's mouth was open. The cop could see the thick, white liquid pooled in her mouth.

"Swallow it, you cock sucking whore..." he commanded her. She complied as she closed her mouth and gulped down the warm salty cum filling her mouth. She then started to lick the cop's cock clean just the way she had done with his colleague. They were using my sister's mouth as a receptacle for their sperm. She was ordered to clean her face as well, which she did by wiping the semen from her face. She then licked it from her fingers, making her humiliation complete.

On the other side, Ezhil was being fucked brutally by the cop. He was making short, hard strokes and we could make out that he was also close to coming.

Soon he was ready to come in Ezhil's virgin hole. "Here, randi, take my cum...I'm gonna fill you up so that you have lots of babies, all looking like me..." With that he came in her unprotected womb.

"Nooooo... don't cum in me...Please sir, I don't want to get pregnant." Ezhil begged him. The man paid no heed to her words as he was past the point of no return.

Ezhil felt the warm jizz wash her insides as the cop came in gallons. The cop waited a few moments, lying heavily on her, drained of his semen.

Then he lifted himself off her and lay down on the ground, breathing hard. I saw that she was bleeding. It was difficult to make out if the guys penis was also tinged with blood as it was quite black.

The other policeman swiftly came and took his place between her thighs. Ezhil did not even get the chance to catch her breath as she was penetrated by the second cock of the night as well as her life.

The cop slid in quite easily as she was slick from the other cop's man juice. He held her ankles as he bent my sister's legs back and wide. In this position he was able to plow her freshly deflowered vagina with full force, pushing his rock hard member into her tiny love tunnel.

Ezhil groaned in pain as the policeman raped her pussy. She just lay there helplessly as she endured the cop's brutal assaults.

Vijay shifted his gaze back to my mom, "You love it, don't you? You love cock just like any other whore?" he demanded, ramming harder into her for emphasis. The show in front of him had inflamed his lust even more. He was going to fill Regina up. His balls were aching to discharge their load.

"You're going to be my randi from now on, aren't you?" he spat at her. "Tell me, whore, tell me what you want..." he growled as he deliberately slowed his stroking movements, "Do you want me to fuck you and shoot my cum up into your dirty little cunt?"

"Oh yes, pleeeeease! Sir..! I ... I want it. I want your thick cock juice. I want to feel it shooting in my cunt." she said, "Oh, please, for God's sake, fuck me! Give me your sweet cum! Make me pregnant with your virile sperm..!" Regina gasped, her body completely drenched in sweat and pinned naked under his male weight. The thought of begging him to drive his huge cock into her and empty his sperm-laden balls into her belly did not repulse her as it would have done sometime ago, as she was beyond caring now and yearned only for her own climax, which was now so close.

Grunting with approval at her submission, the stout, heavily sweating man increased the tempo of his thrusts, grinding hard and deep into her so that his rigidly hard cock bored far up her belly. Her naked breasts heaved and quivered as she received his cock in her body, no longer being raped but a willing participant in this ancient dance of carnal lust.

"Oh, ooooohhhhh, Goooooddddd! I'm cumming ... I'm cummmmming nowwwww!" Regina suddenly squealed in a high-pitched voice as she locked her slim ankles around his hips. Her nostrils flared and her eyes rolled back, fixing hypnotically on the ceiling above the mattress. She held on to him desperately, not moving as she gave little jerks to signal her orgasm.

He felt her jerk up toward him, the lips of her hot little cunt sucking at his hard prick as though trying to milk him dry. Her vagina clasped on to his swollen member frantically, as her body shook with orgasmic pleasure.

Vijay couldn't control himself any longer when he felt the middle aged whore's muscles grip his pole tightly. His breath was coming in short, panting gasps as he thrust deep inside her one last time and moaned loudly, feeling his own hot boiling sperm suddenly race up from his balls, jetting from the tip of his throbbing cock and being deposited far up into her soft quivering belly. He held Regina tightly in his arms as he spent inside her, flooding her womb with his man-juice. Spurt after spurt of his boiling cum filled her vagina, as he came like never before. The pleasure of raping a middle aged bhabi had sent him into a cloud of ecstasy.

I watched in disgust as Vijay planted his seed in the same hole where I had come from. My mother and two sisters lay defiled before me and I couldn't do a thing to save them.

"Oh, Regina, my dear..." The older man smiled down at her, a content look on his ugly face. "That was wonderful" Vijay said after he had caught her breath. He was lovingly brushing away sweat soaked hair from her sweet face and giving light kisses on her lips and face. They were cuddling like two lovers.

"Regina..." Vijay said.


"I want your daughter. I want to fill her up just as I have filled you."

Mom shocked me by saying, "Certainly sir. She's all yours..."

"But first..., I want her to taste me. I want her to suck my cum from your hot cunt..."

Mom just nodded subserviently.

"Here, let me pull it out and you hold the stuff in to feed your daughter right now."

Regina smiled in satisfaction and held the pussy lips tight as Vijay pulled out, disallowing the jism to creep out.

Vijay moved swiftly towards her head and went on his knees there. Regina understood that she would have to clean Vijay's cock again. She obediently opened her mouth as Vijay stuck his spent organ there. She sucked on the slimy cock with her mouth, cleaning their combined juices from the black member with her tongue. She even lifted his penis and licked at his balls, at the juices deposited there by their lustful fucking.

At last, Vijay was satisfied. He gave the signal to the two cops who were holding Asha by her hair.

It was time to deflower the innocent virgin girl...

At last, Vijay was satisfied. He gave the signal to the two cops who were holding Asha by her hair.

Asha was lifted forcibly on her feet by her hair. She groaned in pain as they pulled her by her long hair and dragged her towards Vijay. She was thrown on the mattress. She landed hard. If it weren't for the mattress, she would have been hurt. She lay on her back, a bit dazed at this rough handling moments after two large cocks had discharged their thick loads in her small mouth. Her mouth was still tasting salty from the cum she had been forced to swallow. She didn't realize at first what was happening when mom went and sat on her haunches over her head.

Regina had passed from being the innocent mother to the forced woman to the cock-loving slut who would do anything for her master's pleasure. Her brain was unable to process the suddenness and brutality of the events which had happened to her. As a result, she decided that the only way to have some semblance of sanity would be if she assumed the role that Vijay and the rest wanted her to play.

So if her master wanted her to feed his cum straight from her cunt to her daughter's mouth, then she was okay with it.

So she bent over Asha, her puffed up pussy lips directly over her face. She waited for some time. A glob of Vijay's cum dripped down her pussy and straight into Asha's face. Her head was held tight by Vijay who anticipated that she might try to turn her head away. He pinched her cheeks, so that her mouth was forced open.

She was ordered to keep her mouth open and swallow the cum. Asha, though disgusted by the thought of drinking a man's semen straight from her own mother's pussy, was too afraid to disobey. Regina pushed her internal muscles to squeeze more and more of Vijay's cum from her vagina. I watched as Vijay's semen dripped from my mother's used pussy into my sister's open mouth.

When most of Vijay's cum had been deposited in Asha's mouth, at Vijay's command, Regina got up from over her daughter's face. She sat on her knees on one side of the mattress.

Then Asha's stripping began. I watched helplessly as Asha's leggings were stripped from her in a swift motion by one guy. She was wearing white bikini panties with red polka dots. She was then turned around and pulled up so that she was on her hands and knees, like a bitch in heat. Her large breasts were hanging in front of her. Her panties were high cut, covering just the crack of her ass and a little portion on either side. I saw it and my cock gave a little twitch, as I imagined Vijay's hard cock would soon be buried between those luscious cheeks.

Vijay went behind her, as if to inspect his new prey. He groaned in lust when he saw her bent over, her large 36-inch ass sticking out. He slowly pulled her panties down, exposing her round, firm ass as Regina looked on. When her tiny pussy lips came into view, Vijay couldn't control himself any longer. He reached out and touched her pussy. Asha shivered in fear as her virgin pussy was touched for the first time by a man.

"Oooo...It's so warm... and slightly wet as well....So the little slut is enjoying this, boys." He said with a wide grin, which was mirrored by his men. He kept on rubbing his hand on her nether lips. "Hmmm...Well let's not keep her waiting. Regina..., shall we?" Vijay turned Asha on her back and gestured towards mom, signaling that he wanted her to come between her daughter's legs.

Regina bent on her knees and came between her daughter's legs, now a bit unsure of her actions as she had come down from the peak of sexual frenzy. Vijay immediately held her head and forced it down between Asha's thighs.

"Hmmmphhhfff..." Regina moaned from between Asha's legs. She had started to say something but was cut off by Asha's pussy on her mouth. She grasped Asha's thighs as she licked her snatch as if her life depended on it. She had to make Asha wet for her deflowering, otherwise it would hurt too much. Asha was being licked by her own mother as Vijay pushed Regina's head forcefully between her legs.

As Regina dutifully lapped at her virgin daughter's pussy, Vijay went near her face and squatted in front of her. Asha looked fearfully at the naked man in front of her. Vijay enjoyed the look of fear on her face for a moment, then he grabbed her head by her hair and pulled it roughly towards his rapidly hardening cock.

"Open your mouth, randi. I know you enjoy sucking cocks and I'm going to give you what you like." He barked. Asha obediently opened her lips and took in Vijay's black cock in her small mouth. Vijay held her hair forcefully as he made her suck his dirty cock at first, pushing more and more of his tool in her wet mouth. He held her hair and started to face fuck her, using her mouth for his pleasure. Then he took it out and directed her mouth to his balls. Asha was forced to lick and suck on the cum filled sac as well. She was forced into further humiliation as Vijay ordered her to lick and clean his sweat and grime covered ass crack, as he squatted over her face. Since she had already sucked two very large cocks a short while back, she had not protested to taking his cock in her mouth. But she vehemently refused to lick Vijay's ass crack.

Her face was a picture of determination as she shook her head silently. Vijay told her again, angrily this time. Still she refused. He looked at her face for a full minute. I saw a blur as his hand crashed in to her cheek. Another slap followed. Asha was now crying from the pain. Regina had stopped licking Asha's snatch and was now looking at them. But she too was silent, fearful of Vijay's reaction.

Vijay raised his hand again. Asha cringed and raised her hand.

"Noooo...stop...please..." She cried.

Vijay stopped. Asha looked at him in resignation, broken. Vijay was pleased at her reaction and went forward, until his ass was directly over her mouth. Asha licked at his inner thighs and then his dirty ass hole as he sat on her face, getting his shit hole cleaned by this young girl.

When he was satisfied by the ass licking, he got up. His cock was hard and shining from the sucking Asha had given him. Regina was lifted by the cops on Vijay's signal. They dragged her towards the table where Vijay had previously fucked my mom.

Standing on both sides of her, they put one arm each at her back, supporting her and grabbed her boobs with the other hand. Mauling the soft flesh in their rough hands, they started to enjoy Regina's body.

Mom started to protest as the two cops handled her breasts roughly. She was moaning softly in pain and trying to fend them off weakly.

"Oh..Aaaahhh.. Please...It's hurting, they're very sensitive.... Please leave me... Aaaahh... No..."

The cops didn't even look at her as they continued to squeeze her fair breasts until there were red marks all over them. They pinched her nipples between their fingers and pulled at her sensitive buds, making her whimper in pain. They bent their heads to suck and bite on the soft melons, attacking her soft flesh with their hungry mouths. The horny cops moved to her hard nipples, which were sticking out from her boobs like a little boy's finger, flicking them with their tongues and finally clamping their mouths on them and sucking away to glory. They just couldn't get enough of her large boobs.

After a while, they told her to stand on her knees on the chair. She did as she was told. In this position, her butt was sticking out as she supported herself on her hands and knees. One of the guys went behind her and spread her cheeks with his hands. He caressed her round buttocks for a while, squeezing and slapping the plump cheeks. The other man meanwhile was getting his cock sucked by her. He held her head with one hand and his rampant penis with the other as he fed my mother his thick organ. Regina'a mouth bobbed on the policeman's large tool as she tried to satisfy her rapists. Her mouth made an 'O' as the lust-engorged rod went in and out of her mouth. Saliva dripped from the sides of her lips and wet slurping noises came from her as she sucked the man's penis submissively.

The other cop now out his hand between her legs and rubbed her pussy. He was ready to fuck her.

While Asha was being forced by Vijay to drink his cum from mother's pussy and then lick his asshole, Ezhil was finally defiled by the second man as he came up her pleasure hole with great force. He grunted in pleasure as he unloaded a thick stream of cum in my sister's deflowered hole. He then left her and lay down beside her. The first cop was on her in an instant, fondling her medium sized boobs, licking the nipples and biting on them.

I sat nearby, naked, as I was forced by the men to watch her being taken against her will.

Now I heard one of the policemen calling me from the other side. I looked over to see that the cop standing behind my mom was gesturing to me to come to him.

"C'mere boy..." The cop waved me over. I went there with some trepidation. I was standing beside him, inches from my mother's ample globes, which had long enticed me with their perfect roundness. I looked over at her mouth, where she was sucking on the policeman's cock like an ice cream, her eyes closed. She was so busy that she hadn't noticed me.

He saw me looking and grinned as he said, "You like it, boy? You like your mommy's ass? Huh... tell me now, don't be shy..." He almost cajoled me.

I nodded, ashamed to admit it.

He smiled at my answer and then probed further, "You want to touch her...? Huh...? You want to feel her ass? C'mon boy, tell me the truth...c'mon..."

I wanted to but I couldn't bring myself to answer that. Just a look at her milky white ass cheeks had aroused me to no end and my penis was quivering with lust now. The man took a look at my rock hard 5 inch long penis and he knew the answer.

He urged me, "Go on...Touch her...put your hand on her hips...c'mon..."

I was still hesitant and he suddenly reached out and took my hand, placing it on mom's ass. It felt so good, so soft that I was lost in a sea of lust. I had looked at this ass for so long and to finally touch it was a dream come true. The fair skin was stretched tautly over the rounded moons of her globes. I rubbed her smooth flesh as I moved from cheek to cheek, taking pleasure in the silky softness of her skin. I was in a daze as I felt my mother's ass crack, the deep cleft inviting me to sink my hand down there.

I rubbed her for sometime until the man stopped me.

"That's enough for now, boy. You'll get your chance. Now its time to see a real man fuck your whore mother." He said roughly, obviously eager to fuck her juicy hole.

He had seen me put a cock in Ezhil's pussy and now he wanted to force me to another humiliation.

He told me to put my palm forward. When I did, he told me to spit on it. I did as ordered, unable to understand why. Then he told me.

"Now out your hand between your mommy's legs and make her wet for me, boy." He commanded. I was so stunned that I didn't know what to do for several seconds. Then he looked at me menacingly and I knew that I had to follow his orders or risk another beating. I cursed myself for being so helpless in front of these burly men.

I slowly reached out and put my hand between her thighs. It felt warm and wet. I felt shame as well as excitement as I rubbed my saliva into my mother's pussy lips. Regina gave a start as she finally realized someone new was touching her. She turned her head and almost fainted when she saw me touching her pussy, while standing naked behind her. She looked at my exposed cock, which was hard and bobbing slightly from my pent up lust.

She would have got up but the cops held her tightly. She struggled a bit then, but was unable to do or say anything as the man in front stuck his tool into her mouth again, forcing her to shut up. This time her head was turned as she looked at me while giving oral pleasure to the man in front.

I had finished rubbing my saliva all over her lips, making it wet for another round of sex. The man then spat on my palm and told me to lube him up. I did so without any protest, as I reached forward and touched the hot flesh. I made it slippery with his saliva as I rubbed the shaft from head to root. I rubbed for a while on the head until he was ready and ordered me again, to put it in. I was by now getting used to the idea that I would have to service the horny policemen this way and I obediently put his large, bulbous cock head at the entrance of my mother's pussy. Mom looked on in disgust and shame as her own son was putting a cock in her pussy, helping in her rape.

The man pushed with force and the slick head was forced in the tight opening. I removed my hand as he pushed again, with more force this time and more than half of his large, thick, black cock was buried in Regina's body.

"Aaahhh....Slowly please....Oooohhhh maaaaaa..." Mom moaned in pain as the organ penetrated her tight channel. The man just grinned as he held her hips in a tight grip and forced himself inside. Ignoring Regina's groans, he pushed and pushed until I saw that his pole was buried balls-deep in my mom's pussy.

Then he began the rape of my mother.

I watched with stunned excitement as I stood beside the policeman fucking Regina, my cock hard and throbbing. He had gripped her hips tightly, her flesh bunching in his hands painfully as slammed again and again into my mom's ass cheeks, thrusting his coal-black rod into the depths of mom's wet hole.

Mom was making loud moans at the assault on her vagina and the way her flesh was being pinched. The cop continued to fuck her with passion, bumping against her hips forcefully as he drove his thick tool in her tunnel. He was enjoying the soft feeling of her ass flesh on his thighs and the tightness of her tiny hole around his plundering shaft. I watched him withdraw his penis until just the head was inside, then push back in a powerful lunge as he made long and hard strokes into her moist opening.

With each inward stroke Regina moaned in pain but it only seemed to fuel the lusty cop's desire. He enjoyed pinching and slapping her fair buttocks as he raped her pussy relentlessly, leaving red marks on them.

The guy in front was enjoying her oral ministrations as he watched his colleague take the whore. He had grabbed her hair and was using her mouth as a fuck hole, shoving his engorged tool inside her welcoming mouth.

Now he indicated that he wanted a piece of the action as well. He moved his penis from her mouth and went behind her. The other guy vacated his spot and moved away from her back. He swiftly came in front of her, waving his swollen member, coated in her juices, in front of her mouth. Regina was resigned to her fate as she submissively opened her pink lips and waited for the cop to violate her mouth.

The cop didn't do anything. He just waited a moment as he enjoyed the scene of this woman, who had been so bent to their will that she was willingly inviting his dirty cock in her mouth without being told.

Then he said, "Lick it all up, whore. Use your tongue on my prick. And make it look like you love it. Or I'll make you suck your son instead..."

Mom looked at me for an instant, horrified and immediately went about her task of licking the dirty cock clean. Her own secretions were mixed with leftover semen from Vijay's fucking. The mixture was now sticking to the beefy cop's stiff rod. She used her tongue on his fat cock lovingly, licking her own juices from it, giving long, slow strokes up and down the dark meat. She licked the slick sausage from the root, at the sides and on the shiny helmet, with a bit of pre-cum oozing out from the end. She took it all in her mouth

"You like it, don't you...?? Huh...? You dirty whore... you like licking your juices from my cock??" The horny cop demanded as he enjoyed Regina's tongue lapping at his slippery member

Mom knew she had to talk dirty to him, demeaning herself further.

"Yes sir... I love it...Mmmm...It tastes so good, sir...Thank you for letting me lick my own juices from your long and hard penis...Sir..."

I don't know what happened to me at that instant. Maybe it was watching my mother clean the guy's cock clean from her own pussy juices, talking like a whore; maybe it was seeing the other guy ram her unprotected hole mercilessly from behind as he clutched her hair in a bunch, or maybe it was just the pent up excitement of the last few hours, when I had witnessed my sisters and mom molested and now raped.

My cock jerked on its own as I came spontaneously. Thick blobs of semen spayed from my slit on to my mother's ass and thighs. I watched with disgust as my uncontrolled lust was spent on my own mother's body. But I was helpless to stop it. My penis just kept on jerking on its own and defiling my mother. My juice was sticking to mom's curved ass cheek, slowly pooling in the small of her back and dribbling down her thighs. I looked at my mother's face to find her looking at me with a mixture of shame and resignation. It was the final humiliation. But at the same time she understood that I was only human. She turned her head away.

The cops watched as I spent myself and laughed.

"So your little boy couldn't keep it to himself any longer, huh..??'

"Looks like he wanted to do that for a long time..."

"You should really look after your boys needs..."

They humiliated us further with their comments as they laughed.

They cop who was face fucking her momentarily removed his cock and held my hand. He dragged me towards him. I went, as if in a daze, stunned by my own actions.

I was so perplexed that I didn't even protest as he dragged me to face my mother. He then said the unthinkable.

He ordered Regina to suck my cock clean..!!

"What..!! No, no...I can't do it... Please sir, don't force a mother to do this to her son. Please..." She begged.

But to no avail.

"Listen you whore, either you suck it clean or we cut it off...And you can then be proud of your son, the eunuch...!" he growled as he pulled her hair roughly, looking at her menacingly.

Regina knew that they would be willing to do that too. After all, no one needs to know; she reasoned as she allowed the cop to push her head forward and take her son's now flaccid cock in her mouth.

"So warm..., so wet..., Ooohhh God...I feel like I'm in heaven..." I thought. But I didn't let my twisted emotions show as I enjoyed her mouth cleaning and swallowing the semen sticking to my penis. It was slowly becoming hard. I was ashamed but at the same time the pleasure I felt was incredible. The feel of her lips as they clamped on the end of my penis and sucked was making me more and more excited. As I looked at her innocent looking face and my cock sticking out from her pink lips, I knew how the men felt as they fucked her. My balls contracted on their own as they sent a few more drops of sperm up my penis.

The drops of cum oozed off the end of my penis and she swallowed it too. She avoided looking at me directly, focusing on the task at hand.

After about a minute, the cop had had enough of our humiliation.

He pulled me away roughly and dragged me to a chair, tying me there again, this time a bit loosely.

I didn't know what to do, I was so ashamed. But at the same time, I was excited too. Mom must have felt it as my cock became harder in her mouth.

I sat in the chair as I watched the men take her from both ends. I couldn't keep my eyes of the two policemen fucking my mother in the mouth and the pussy.

At about the same time that Regina was being taken aside by the two men, Vijay was positioning himself between my sister, Asha's thighs.

He bent her thighs to make her totally exposed to his eyes. Her virgin hole was now shining with Regina's saliva. The lips were closed tightly and it didn't look as if even a finger would fit in. Vijay's excitement knew no bounds as he looked at the fair skin of her inner thighs and the little entrance to her pussy. He spit on his hand and rubbed it on the reddish lips, lubing it up. His rampant cock was already wet from Asha's mouth and now he held it as he prepared to penetrate the young virgin.

Without wasting any more time, he guided his rigid pole towards her opening, holding one leg wide apart at the same time with his other hand. When his cock head made contact with her nether lips, Asha looked down at the inflated shaft between her thighs and gave a small shiver. She knew that she would be deflowered today by this horny cop and that she couldn't do anything about it.

So she kept still, waiting for the pain to come.

Vijay nudged the lips apart with the shiny knob, then pushed forward slightly. The swollen head penetrated Asha. But it wouldn't go any further. She felt a slight discomfort but nothing of the pain that she had heard about.

"Relax, my little whore... your master's going to make you a woman now...Just relax your muscles, or else it will be harder for you..." Vijay told her in a soft voice, uncharacteristically.

Asha heard this and relaxed a little. As soon as Vijay felt Asha's internal muscles give way, he pushed forward with force. His stiff cock penetrated Asha's virgin hole, almost halfway in.

"Aaahhh...Ohh's hurting...please..." Asha screamed aloud at the painful invasion of her virgin hole.

Vijay looked at her face which was contorted with pain. He almost took pity on her, almost.

Keeping her left leg on his shoulder, he bent forward to grab Asha's boobs, squeezing hard. He kneaded her soft flesh and rubbed her taut nipples, as he waited for her to get back to normal. He was rocking to and fro gently, working his enlarged member inside the tight hole of my sister.

Gradually, he worked his huge boner inside her tiny pussy. Asha kept on whimpering as she felt her virgin hole stretch to accommodate the large piece of meat inside her. Vijay saw that she had adjusted somewhat to his thickness.

So, without further ado, he gave a mighty lunge, burying all of his 8 inch long tool inside Asha's body, finally ripping through her hymen and taking her virginity. Asha screamed in pain as she felt his red hot shaft go all the way up her unused pussy, skewering her. Vijay grinned in satisfaction as he buried himself balls deep in the fresh, ripe, succulent flesh of the young girl.

He bent forward, supporting himself with his hands and bending Asha's legs back, exposing her defenseless hole to him, as he began slowly thrusting his thick cock in and out of her moist opening.

Her pussy held his member like a velvet glove, smooth yet tight. The heat coming from her body was driving him to new heights of erotic frenzy and he pummeled her from above, increasing the pace of his fucking and slamming into her tiny hole with full force. Asha lay back in resignation as she endured the invasion of her deflowered pussy by the horny cop and his fat organ. Vijay moved his long, sausage like tool in and out of Asha with force, enjoying the sensation of wetness around his probing cock. With each stroke he burrowed further into her body, making Asha groan in pain.

His thighs were now slamming against her upturned buttocks as he bent her legs almost to her chest and began ramming his swollen penis between her wide open thighs, taking pleasure from the tight, moist hole of the young girl, being fucked for the first time in her life.

"How do you like it, my little whore..?? Huh...? You like it...? I'm going to make you a woman now, I'm going to make you my slut for life... I'm going to stretch your hole wide, bitch... yeah ...take it... take my fat cock in your pussy... I'm going to fuck all three of your holes this way... Uh... Uhhh... yeah..." Vijay was grunting with each thrust he made inside her and taunting her while he fucked her. Asha was lying motionless, her head to one side and tears streaming from her eyes in silent protest at her brutal rape. When she didn't answer him, Vijay held her cheeks with his hand as he pinched them cruelly.

"Answer me, whore... Do you like my cock in your pussy...?"

"Uhhh...Uhhh...Sir... yes sir... I like it...please stop now, its hurting a lot, please sir, Uhh...Uhh...I'll take you in my mouth and please you... sir...Uhh..Uhh" Asha managed to say between his thrusts.

Vijay went wild when he heard her responding like that. He began pumping really hard now, battering her virgin hole with full strength as he made long and hard strokes with his engorged tool. He lay flat on her, pushing her legs back on her chest with his weight. Then, he stretched his legs out straight, supporting himself on his toes as he used his entire weight behind his thrusts. He was grinding himself furiously between her open legs, as if trying to join their bodies together. His mouth was on her neck and lips, biting the soft flesh there, his brain dizzy with pent up lust.

Vijay knew he wouldn't be able to hold it any longer. So, he increased his pace until moments later, with a final push, he let go of his jizz. The tightness of Asha's virgin hole was just too much for him as he came with a shudder, his massive prick swelling as he spewed his white hot semen inside Asha's pleasure hole, squirting his baby making juice inside her unprotected womb.

"Aaaahhhh....I'm coming bitch....Oooohhh... Here... take it... take my juice, you whore, I'm coming in your pussy...Uuuhhh..." He groaned as he kept on spurting inside her tight channel, until, with a final grunt of pleasure, he collapsed on top of Asha's limp body.

I watched with a sickening feeling as Vijay emptied his balls in Asha. She was not protected and she might get pregnant, I thought. Then another thought arose in my mind. So could my mother and Ezhil. The men had all come inside her. I didn't know if we would get out of here alive, and even if we did, if we would ever be able to live a normal life again. I bent my head as the tears came.

Meanwhile, the other policeman was fucking my younger sister Ezhil in doggy style. She was made to get on her knees on the floor, and suck one guy's cum stained cock, while being fucked from behind by the other man's cock, like a bitch in heat

I looked at the man behind her. His thighs were relentlessly battering her soft ass cheeks as he thrust his long and thick prick into her freshly deflowered hole with force. His hands were holding onto her hips and were pulling her towards him as he pushed forward. Each thrust was so powerful that it brought a painful moan from my sister Ezhil's mouth. She had been forcefully taken for the first time and as if that was not enough, she was being subject to their brutal fucking for the second time that night.

The policeman in front of her also used her. He stood on his knees as he held her long hair in a bunch and guided his coal black penis in to her mouth. Ezhil sucked on the stiff rod without protest, coating it with saliva. She tried to accommodate as much as she could but it was too big for her small mouth. He pulled out from time to time and made her beg for it as he slapped her face with the hard member. Ezhil was made to act like a cheap slut who would do anything for cock.

They both fucked her in turn, switching places after every few minutes. Ezhil was forced to suck their cocks straight from her pussy, licking her juices from their swollen organs and swallowing it. The cops fucked her with abandon, slapping her round butt with their calloused hands. The guy behind her now went on his haunches high above her ass, as if doing a sit up, and inserted his rigid penis back into her open hole. He supported himself on her hips with one hand, pushing her down painfully as he pumped her soft, wet hole harder than ever. He put his entire weight behind each push he made into her juicy slit, tearing her unused passage. With the other hand, he continued to spank Ezhil's round moons, hitting the plump fleshy cheeks with loud smacking sounds.

The cops took turns pumping her pussy as Ezhil moaned in pain at their merciless battering of her vagina and ass cheeks. This continued for some time until the policeman fucking her pussy from the back groaned like an animal and came in her, filling her with his man juice. He made a last few thrusts with full force as he unloaded inside her tunnel. At last, with a hard slap on her buttocks, and a wide grin on his face, he pulled out. He moved towards her mouth as the second cop took up position behind her. He bent down on his knees in front of her. Ezhil knew what she would have to do. She sucked the cum stained cock, fresh from depositing its load in her pussy, into her mouth and proceeded to clean it with her tongue. She swallowed the cum sticking to the black rod obediently. The cop was pleased at her oral service and smiled as he slapped her face and complimented her on being a 'good whore'. He moved away to lie on the ground, exhausted from fucking my virgin sister twice in a row.

The second man didn't bother looking at Ezhil as she was cleaning his colleagues' slippery cock. He was too caught up in the sight of the young whore's tight ass cheeks as he pumped her from behind. The plump cheeks were inviting him as they moved with his thrusts. He slapped them hard and watched as the skin turned reddish. The dark cleft in between was almost enticing him with their promise of hidden pleasures. He separated the cheeks and exposed her brown hole to his eyes. The pucker was closed tightly. The horny cop wet his finger in his mouth and put it at her rosebud. Pushing slowly, he entered her tight ass hole, making Ezhil moan in surprise and pain. He pushed past the anal ring into her backdoor passage. He was getting excited at the prospect of fucking her ass hole as well.

He smiled as he finger fucked her ass hole, hard, in rhythm with his thrusts in her vagina. Ezhil was now being fucked in both her holes.

Soon after, the second cop held her hips in a tight grip as he spent in Ezhil's freshly deflowered hole. He grunted in pleasure as he shot his sperm in her, filling her tight passage with his juice and felt her ass clench on his invading finger. Ezhil moaned as she felt the hot blobs of semen being deposited in her for the fourth time that night.

The man waited until he had spent his entire load. He then pulled out slowly. As he did so, some of his cum oozed out of Ezhil's well fucked hole. He immediately caught it in his palm. He looked at the sperm coming out of her body and a twisted thought came to him. He inserted a finger in her pussy and began to pull out the sperm they had deposited there. When he had quite a good amount in his hand, he went towards her mouth.

Ezhil was ordered to lick the cum from his hand as he held it in front of her. The cop held her hair and forced her to lap up the semen pooled in his palm. Ezhil licked at the salty liquid like a bitch until she had swallowed the entire load of man juice from his hand. She then had to clean the cop's penis as well as his dirty finger from her ass, finally collapsing to the floor when he moved away.

The other cops took turns with Regina, fucking her pussy and mouth repeatedly. Soon they both came one after the other, almost at the same time as the men fucking Ezhil, groaning as they filled the body of the middle aged whore with their semen.

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      क्लास में सहपाठिन की चूत में उंगली (Class me Sahpathin Ki Chut me Ungli)

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      फ़ुद्दी की चुदास बड़ी है मस्त मस्त (Fuddi Ki Chudas Badi Hai Mast Mast)

      गाँव की छोरी की चूत कोरी (Gaanv Ki Chhori Ki Chut Kori)

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