Saturday, June 1, 2013

From Internet Friend to Real fuck

Her name was Ellen, and in her profile she described herself as being 37 years old, skinny, with brown hair and eyes, and an insatiable appetite for sex. Being a horny 20 year old male away at college, and desperate for female friends not of my own age, I began chatting with Ellen on an online chat room set up for "lonely hearts." What could be the harm, I thought to myself. Oh how wrong I was.

It all started innocently enough. The first few nights we exchanged pleasantries, and E-mail addresses, and eventually I revealed to her my name and where I lived. Ultimately, that proved to be a big mistake.

The chats starting getting more and more erotic, and eventually I became uncomfortable with Ellen's aggressiveness. Whereas I wanted to chat about my day, Ellen wanted to chat about how she wished she was there so she could "fuck my brains out." This lady is weirding me out, I thought to myself. So I did what most would do in that situation - I stopped chatting on that website and "cooled my heels" a bit until this female psycho moved on to her next subject. Little did I know, however, that by avoiding the situation only made Ellen more obsessed with me.

Then the E-mails started. At first they were cordial and were the standard "missing you in the chatroom" stuff. Then they became more aggressive, and the fact that I didn't reply to any of her messages only made her blood boil. It wasn't unusual to get home from a hard day at classes, log on and check my inbox, and see 20 messages - all from her! She accused me, among other things, of playing "hard to get" and being a "pussy tease." One particularly cryptic message read as follows:

"Listen up you little cocksucker. I know you're avoiding me, and Ellen doesn't like to be avoided. If you don't reply to this message, and soon, I'm going to show up at your door one day and gut you like the pig that you are."

As chilling as this message was, I still assumed Ellen would eventually tire of her game and get on with her life. She lived a good 2,000 miles away, I thought to myself. I was in no danger. But knowing that I lived alone in an off-campus apartment with few friends only added to my trepidation.

I then began receiving prank phone calls late at night. There would be heavy breathing, and then the line would go silent. I must admit that although the possibility I was being stalked frightened me to no end, the idea of that danger also added an element of eroticism. Each night after making sure my 2 windows were securely latched and my deadbolt was locked, I would masturbate under my sheets at the mere thought of a female sexual predator stalking me.

One night after returning from classes there was a knock on my door. Jeff, the only tenant in the building that I even remotely knew, told me there had been a woman looking for me earlier in the day.

"Who was it?" I asked, my breathing intensified.

"I don't know dude, but she knocked on our door and asked if we knew where you lived," Jeff said. "I told her your apartment number, but that you have late classes on Monday and wouldn't be home until after 9:00."

"Uh, okay. What did she look like?" I asked, trying to conjure up a mental picture in case I should run into her on the street.

"Well, she was skinny and plain looking. Straight brown hair, brown eyes, kinda pale," Jeff said. "To be honest, she's kinda homely. And she never smiled once."

Great, I thought to myself. My stalker is here, in town, and she knows where I live. The next few days I never went to classes and kept myself locked up in my apartment, cautious to even appear to be at home. I kept all my lights off, and even covered up the flicker up my television set with an extra sheet covering the front window.

After one week, however, there was no sign of my stalker and I assumed the coast was clear. That probably wasn't even Ellen, I thought to myself, ashamed that I would let my imagination run so wild. I laughingly pondered my situation as I entered my apartment one night. At that moment there was a thud to the back of my head, and then all went black.

Drearily I began to open my eyes, the light from the living room lamp burning my retinas. I then slowly regained my senses. Okay, I'm in my apartment. Okay, I'm naked and tired to a chair. Okay, there's a strange, crazed women walking into the living room and heading towards me.

"Glad you're finally awake, lover," said Ellen, who on outward appearances matched her profile. She was extremely skinny and had brown eyes and hair. But her hair was greasy and unkempt and clung to her forehead in bangs, and dark rings circled her dead brown eyes. Her skin was unblemished but a slippery white, and she had a large overbite and thin lips. She's certainly not a looker, I thought to myself.

My hands were tied behind the chair, and my feet were tied to the chair's legs. Ellen, wearing only a thin, worn-out yellow sweater and panties, brandished a long hunting knife in her right hand. Good God, I thought to myself, she's going to kill me!

"I just can't decide what to do with you," she said seductively. Although I found her unattractive, watching her small ass cheeks sway from side to side as she walked into the kitchen immediately stirred life into my cock. "Should I fuck you? Should I kill you? Should I fuck you and then kill you? Maybe I should kill you and then fuck you!" She laughed hysterically at that line.

"Uh, do I get a vote?" I jokingly suggested.

"Aw, fuck it," she said, as she dropped the knife, walked over to where I was sitting, and buried her face in my lap. Ellen, despite all of her obvious deficiencies, sucked cock like a pro. She worked me up and down for a good 10 minutes, warning me not to cum until she told me to. My cock had never been so hard in my life.

"Ummmm. . .tastes good lover," she said, occasionally pausing to look up at my face. I could tell that with her left hand she was furiously rubbing her pussy through her panties.

"Okay, enough foreplay. Let's fuck!" With that she pulled down her panties, which were obviously damp and stuck to her pubic hair, and ripped off that old yellow sweater. Although she was flat chested, her breasts sported two enormously long nipples that jutted out a good 2 inches from her chest. Ellen could tell from my reaction that I was indeed impressed.

"Like 'em baby?" she said, tweaking both with her fingers. "They're my pride and joy. Haven't found a bra yet that can contain them." She then stood over my throbbing cock, squatted slightly, and lowered herself down until her furry brown bush completely engulfed my member. My eyes rolled back into my head instinctively, as the feeling of her slippery wet pussy gliding up and down my cock almost sent me into convulsions.

"Oh god. Oh god," Ellen said, her bony thighs and rear banging up and down against my crotch furiously. Her long nipples occasionally brushed against my face, which sent her into several orgasms. I could tell from her reaction that those extra long monstrosities were extremely sensitive, so I took her right nipple in my teeth and worked it with my tongue. Ellen, meanwhile, was riding me furiously, almost knocking my chair over and nearly giving me whiplash.

"You're all mine," she said, panting through a long series of orgasms. "And don't you forget that."

Then I came. I came so much I though all the fluids were draining out of my body. Ellen continued bucking her hips even after I was long done, and she fucked me until my cock was too soft to stay inside her.

"Well, you're just too damned cute - and good - to kill," she told me as she loosened my restraints. "But I'm coming back next month, and I better get as much of your cock as I want or I really will gut you."

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