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pathetic excuse for a man....

AddThis Social Bookmark Button Subscribe in a reader I can’t believe all this has happened to me, or to us I should say. One day I’m climbing up the corporate ladder, riding the crest of the wave it seems, the next thing I know my life is a complete nightmare or worse. I didn’t imagine anything like this could happen-but it did. I need to write it down so maybe I can sort this thing out in my mind, if I can.

It all started on my wife’s on coming birthday. Well, let me explain a little about Angelique, if I can. She’s simply a goddess, so beautiful and sexy, though a bit spoiled, at times she can act like a bitch, it’s true. And I thought I could provide her with all the things she wanted and needed, but I’m not so sure now.

Our marriage started off on such a positive note, after all being hired on at Waller Industries was a big step in my career. We bought a nice big house and I bought her, her own car. She had money to shop ,one of her great passions. We had memberships at the exclusive Three Pines Country Club, courtesy of Waller Industries. Life seemed.... Well, great, or so I thought.

Looking back now, I think it all started at that dinner party we attended at Jason Waller’s home. Estate would be a better word. The function was held in my honor so to speak, to celebrate my promotion. All four of the Vice Presidents and wives attended. Let’s just say Angelique was in her element she looked well, radiant, so beautiful. I remember how her strand of pearls seemed to glow in the soft candlelight. I knew she was happy, it just showed, I thought she was proud of me too, for my achievements, for getting us this far so fast.

Maybe I should have paid a little more attention to what was going on, but I was celebrating and these boys were drinking so to speak, so I didn’t find it too unusual when Angelique struck up a friendship with Charlotte Waller, who was the strikingly gorgeous blonde wife of Jason Waller of course. Not that this was odd in any sense, just unusual for Angeliique. I mean my wife just never seemed to have many female friends, she always remained rather aloof in their company, so to speak. I assumed she was doing this to further my career. Later I realized that they indeed shared a common bond, a new friendship, obviously though, this wasn’t the only friendship that started that night.

Let me explain if I can. I more or less knew all the males present that night at the table, except one. He didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of us, and I knew he wasn’t a Vice President or anything, or even employed by our company. He sat next to Charlotte, who sat next to Angelique, but across from her. Lets say he took this opportunity to gaze upon my wife, to say the least he devoured her, like she was the only woman in the room. I must say it bothered me a bit, but Angelique didn’t seem to notice, or at least pretended not too. On a few occasions throughout dinner Charlotte grabbed his arm, affectionately, including, referring to this stranger in their conversation, in which I paid little attention to being engaged in Jason’s business topics. Maybe I should have paid more attention, but as it turned out, there is little I could have done about anyway.

It was after dinner things took a little turn for the worse. We had retired to the large game room for cigars and brandy, the conversation turning to sports, a topic I admit I knew little about. So I kept quite. Meanwhile our hostess and the wives gathered around the billiard table, preparing to play a game. I stood with the men at the bar sort of feeling left out. here stood this stranger, drinking whiskey. I’m sorry he just made me uncomfortable. Maybe it was his size, big broad shoulders that seemed to want to bust or rip the seams of his suit jacket. Then too was his hair, thick and long, the ponytail cascading down his back, but it was his eyes-intense, full of confidence. They could mesmerize you, I think, especially the ladies, including Charlotte Waller who seemed to adore this man. Why would Jason then, tolerate this? It just seemed strange.

Trust me things were about to get a lot more strange.

As we men were busy conversing, this Mako character excused his self and made his way over to the pool table where Charlotte and Angelique were engaged in a game. Nobody paid much attention except me. I suddenly felt extremely uncomfortable.

He said something to them and they both laughed. Next thing I knew he picked Al Hamill’s wife as a partner and they proceeded to play a game. I glanced at Al, who didn’t seem to notice or care, what was happening. Then why did I? I must admit I burned with jealousy. This good looking stranger was obviously attracted to my beautiful wife; he had stared at her all throughout dinner. Was she attracted to him? As if to answer my own question, suddenly he guided her effortlessly against the table, instructing her how to hold the stick, to aim at the cue. The embrace seemed to last forever. I wanted to rush over to interrupt, but at the same time I didn’t want to appear jealous in front of everyone, including my boss. Perhaps an excuse to leave would be a better option. I knew I had to get my sweet wife away from this man.

“Well gentlemen it’s getting late.” I announced looking at my Rolex.

Jason Waller smirked. “Nonsense, the night is still young.”

“And besides we haven’t played panty pool yet.” Al Hamill chipped in.

“Panty pool?” I had never heard of this game before.

Jason laughed wrapping his arm around me, propelling me forward towards the pool table.

“Look Kyle, you can’t leave your own dinner party so early, without being introduced to a Waller Industry tradition.” He looked me in the eye and I knew I wasn’t going anywhere-yet.

“All of our new managers participate.” He explained his arm still around my shoulders.

“Exactly what does this involve?” I asked.

“Just a little friendly competition young man. A game of billiards for a small wager.”

“Well sir, I’m really not that good at billiards.”

“Well we will have to remedy that, won’t we?”

“I guess, if you say so.” I agreed not wanting to displease Mr. Waller.

“I do declare Jason; you didn’t inform Kyle about the wager?” Charlotte spoke.

“Ahh yes, the wager. As I said it’s a company tradition to wager a ladies pair of panties. That is ,if the lady agrees.”

He and I looked directly at Angelique.

She seemed slightly taken aback but after a hesitant moment responded.

“Well of course, if it’s tradition.”

Before I knew it a pool stick and a shot of whisky was thrust into my hands. I gulped down the whiskey hoping for courage against the impending doom I felt.

“Now don’t worry young man, Mako is good ,I’ll grant you that, but you represent our company.” Jason encouraged.

“Thanks.” I mumbled. How did I know somehow it would be him that I would have to play? I looked over at Angelique hoping for encouragement, but none was forthcoming. She was too busy staring; admiringly I must say, at her new hero, Mako.

I lost, and to add insult to injury I only sunk one of my balls. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Mako made sure to prolong my agony, offering me untold opportunities to display my lack of talent. Mako finally sank the eight ball, tuning to my wife, a lazy expectant smile on his face.

Angelique seemed mesmerized for a second before calmly turning her back to us and removing her panties. When she handed them over to the victor he had the audacity to actually hold them to his nose and inhale her musky scent.

Needless to say we had a big fight on the way home. Relieved to finally make our escape, I never less accused her of flirting with Mako, a charge she angrily denied. Angelique maintained she was only helping me further my career .I’m not sure if I quite believed her, although I had no reason to doubt her. Angelqiue had never flirted with anyone I knew of in our short tow year marriage. Regardless, the next day a rather expensive gift arrived courtesy of Waller Industries. It was a billiard table.

Let’s just say this argument continued on the surface everything seemed fine, we talked at dinner, Angleique dropping hints of what she wanted for her birthday (the list was quite long) but she denied me sex, remaining aloof, which is unusual for her. I always considered her a borderline nympho.

I decided on a pair of pearl earrings to match her necklace, and an expensive black corset (with bindings). I could picture her in my mind wearing it. What a goddess, for sure this would arouse her into her former self.

Her big day arrived, I had arranged to come home early from work, getting home about three. Angelique was in the whirlpool, surrounded by bubbles. Our dinner reservations at a local restaurant were not until seven. I still had plenty of time to relax.

“Hi babe, getting ready for our big night?”

“Yes in a way. I decided to cancel the reservations.”

“You what?” I was somewhat shocked.

“Calm down darling, and don’t be so selfish.”

“It’s your birthday.”

“I’m aware of that stupid, that’s why I took the liberty of canceling. Besides, my friend Charlotte has catered us a seafood dinner.”

“She what?!”

“Kyle, dear, sometimes you can be so dense. We are staying home tonight and that’s final.”

It was useless to argue with her. She always got her way.

Later as we were eating in the romantic candlelight, I couldn’t take my eyes off her she looked stunning. I had to be the luckiest man alive, I thought contently. We made small talk throughout dinner then presented her with her gifts. She absolutely loved the pearl earrings, putting them on right away.

“I’ve always wanted one of these.” Angelique announced upon seeing her black corset. “I can’t wait to wear it.”

“Please do.”

“A little later perhaps.”

I couldn’t wait; somewhat disappointed it wasn’t now.

“Maybe I will put in on after my next gift.” She said.

I was somewhat puzzled until she said.

“Charlotte has arranged billiard lessons for me. For my birthday.” She explained.

“Billiard lessons?”

“God, sometimes you act so stupid.” She said rolling her eyes.

“I am sorry but just what are you talking about, what are billiard lessons?”

“Okay Kyle, remember that man from the party, Mako?” “Well he’s coming over to teach me to play pool, you know the one who won my panties?”

“He what!!??” I shouted

“You heard me.” Angelique looked like a total bitch standing there with her hands on her hips, looking down her nose at me. In which she was a bitch.

I couldn’t believe it, I just couldn’t believe this was happening. This guy was not coming into my house. I had to try and reason with her.

“Angelique, sweets, listen, this is preposterous it’s your birthday we should spend it together alone. I tried to explain.

“Kyle, honey.” She said this with sarcasm. “It is my birthday and it is a present from Charlotte Waller, I’m doing this to help you of course. I can’t refuse her very sweet gesture.”

The doorbell rang.

Mako entered our dining room boldly. He was not wearing a suit this time, instead a black leather vest which showed off his huge muscled arms and a tattoo of a shark on his right bicep. His long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail. He looked like a biker, a biker form hell, maybe.

He smiled down at me.

I could feel my heart pumping furiously in my chest.

“I guess you know why I’m here?” He asked me.

Yes I thought sarcastically ,for my wife. I noticed he was carrying a black case.

“This if for you.” He turned to my wife, who was literally staring up at him with it seemed goo-goo eyes.

“Hello nice of you to come sir.” Angelique breathed.

Mako smiled exposing his even white teeth.

“Shall we get started with you lessons?”

“Why yes, our table is in the den.”

I just sat there stunned. I could see them from where I was sitting. I realized just how short my wife’s skirt was as she stretched over the pool table. Believe me I was smoldering with fury but helpless to stop what was coming.

I gritted my teeth when I saw him instruct my obedient wife on how to stand while making a shot, using this as an excuse to touch her. I half heartily hoped she would protest this, but instead she seemed to enjoy the attention.

“In case you’re wondering why I suggested that you wear a short skirt is because it’s such a distraction.” Mako told her, loud enough for me to hear.

“What if I was playing another female?” Angelique asked innocently.

Mako laughed before answering.

“I know you could distract them too.”

This was just too much. I cleared my throat and timidly entered the room.

“Oh Kyle, are you going to try to win my panties back? Angelique asked sweetly.

No, I knew I didn’t stand a chance.

“No, I was hoping to have a word in private with your guest.”

I led him to our parlor, upon entering Mako shut the door, as I turned to face him. I suddenly felt trapped.

“I want yyyou to leave now. My wife doesn’t need any pool lessons from you.” I couldn’t believe I said this to him. I was so intimidated.

“Understand this Kyle, these lessons are a gift from Charlotte Waller.”

“I do appreciate the offer but my wife and I have to decline.”

Mako’s eyes bore down into mine until I looked away.

“Mrs. Waller wouldn’t like that very much.” He warned

“Well, Mrs. Waller is not my employer.”

Mako laughed, “Then you really don’t know Jason very well.”

“Listen I’m not going to argue with you. I ‘m prepared to suffer the consequences.”

I don’t think Mako liked my tone of voice or what I had to say because I never saw it coming until his hard fist was driven into my unprotected solar plexus. Suddenly I couldn’t breathe and then I doubled over and hit the floor.

I was aware of him standing over me smiling down as if daring me to get up. I fought to regain my breath helplessly.

“Looks like your suffering the consequences.”

I couldn’t speak and I don’t think I would if I could have, just clutched my stomach in agony.

Mako chuckled, then laid down the law.

“You might not believe this Kyle, but I did that for your own good. I just don’t want to see you flush your career down the toilet. That wouldn’t be fair to your beautiful wife, would it?” “She needs you to support her in that lifestyle she craves.”

His concern was touching, I thought sarcastically.

“But she also needs things you are not providing her with, and that’s not fair either. That’s where I come in my friend, to give her the things she needs.”

This guy was crazy, and he was dangerous. I didn’t dare try to get up, even if I was regaining my wind. He extended his hand to offer me aid to rise. I didn’t except.

“That’s what I thought. If you were any kind of man you would get up and defend your wife.” He nudged me with his foot. “That just goes to show you now I’m an alpha male, and Angelique knows it too. She knows who is in charge.”

With that he turned and left the room.

I cursed Charlotte Waller. I wanted to call Jason to see if he could stop this, to have Mako removed but I knew somehow this just wouldn’t work. They would probably laugh in my face. Maybe call the police but what could I say. Angelique had invited him into our home. No, if only I had a gun! No, I couldn’t use it anyway. In stead like the coward I was, I crept silently towards the den.

I felt a lump in my throat when I saw them. Mako was behind my wife, she was bent over the pool table, both holding the stick, aiming at the cue ball. I noticed Angelique’s panties were visible, her short skirt doing nothing to hide her ass.

“That’s it, slow even strokes.” He encouraged. “Take your time.”

She shot at the ball, but remained were she was. I watched in turmoil as his large strong hand reached down to slide softly against her silky panties. I waited for her to protest.

“Oh Mako, what are you doing?”

“What I want.”

I couldn’t believe it, Angelique actually parted her stocking legs to allow him easier access. His hand slopped down even further. She dropped the stick to brace her self over the table.

“What if Kyle comes back and sees you-us?”

Mako laughed. “What’s he gonna do about it.”

“Ooooh Mako, we shouldn’t.”

I doubted that would make him stop. Why didn’t she slap him at least?

Then he gently turned her around to kiss her. her long fingernails dug into his vest. She raised one of her legs, trapped in his arms, as his hand boldly explored the front of her panties in a soft circling motion. He was kissing her neck now so she leaned back onto the pool table. Then he roughly tore open her shirt to expose her bare breasts, soon he was working his magic on her protruding nipples. She moaned enjoying herself.

My God she likes it, I realized. Somehow my dear wife was under this stud’s spell I needed to stop him but how? Then to my astonishment I felt my hard-on. I continued to watch, appalled at myself but fascinated at the same time.

Mako by now was kissing his way down to my wife’s stomach at the same time pulling her panties down and off. then he grabbed her by the ankles and effortlessly spread her legs apart.

“My God you’re beautiful, and so wet.”

“Please don’t Mako.” Angelique begged.

“You need to learn, Angelique, that I am your new master.“

“No please don’t do this to me.” She struggled helplessly, trying to twist away, but it was hopeless of course.

Next Mako picked up the polished pool stick, holding it against Angelique’s cunt.

“Move on it.” He ordered.

“Oh God no.” But she obeyed rubbing her wet pussy against the wooden pole.

I was startled when he called out. “Hey boy, get over here, now!”

He turned to look at me.

“Don’t make me tell you again.”

I hesitated then slowly walked forward. Mako pushed the stick harder against my wife’s cunt. She responded by grinding faster.

“Come here boy, I want you to see how wet your wife is.”

I started down at her. There was no doubt she was excited. Her trimmed pussy was flushed bright pink, her lips opened like a flower glistening.

“Oh no, not in front of him.” She pleaded, upon seeing me approach.

“Well he no longer matters, he knows his place.”

I noticed the pool stick was shiny from her juices.

“Take my jeans off boy, for you’re wife.”

“What?!!!” I wanted to run but couldn’t

“Don’t make me bitch slap you.” Mako warned.

So to avoid being assaulted again I obeyed. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. I couldn’t believe my eyes, staring me in the face was the biggest semi-hard cock I ever saw. Christ it was more than twice the size of mine.

“Now get over there and don’t get up.” He ordered.

Then he wrapped his fingers in Angelique’s long dark tresses to guide her onto the floor in front of him, on her knees.

“Oh my God, I do declare.” She exclaimed upon seeing his horse cock.

“Lick it with your tongue first.” He instructed.

God it would never fit in her mouth I thought. In spite of myself I grew erect as I watched my wife tongue Mako’s massive manhood, making him swell too. Then he looked at me and smiled.

“From now on Angelique you are my slut. You will obey me only. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mako.”

“Take it in your hand. Did I tell you to stop licking?”

“No Mako.”

“Good, now rub your pussy with your finger.”

She did as she was told.

“Put it in your mouth.” He demanded.

I couldn’t help it. I had to stroke my cock. Instead I rubbed it through my slacks. Mako must have noticed his next orders were for me.

“Who gave you permission to do that?”

“No one sir.” I answered pathetically.

“Take your pants off and don’t touch yourself boy.”

He actually laughed when I undressed exposing my five-inch dick and skinny legs, the reason I never wore shorts, even on the hottest days of summer. Meanwhile my beautiful wife was busy; doing her best to please her thickly muscled stud.

“Do you feel how hard I am, how powerful?” He asked her moving it against her lips.

“Oh yes Mako.” Angelique breathed.

“I thought you might need a man for a change. I mean after being married to that pathetic excuse for one.”

Angelique didn’t answer, just performed her current task.

“God, yes your sweet wife has such a wicked tongue.”

Suddenly he reached down to lift her up in his powerful arms to put her on the pool table again. Seizing her legs he spread them open. Her manicured finger was still in her cunt. She stared up at him with fevered eyes. After a minute he bent over to tongue around the outside of her pussy lips. Teasing her. she moaned, trying to move her cunt onto his tongue.

“Oh please, please just eat me.” She begged. “I’m so wet.”

“I usually don’t eat my slut on her first night of training.”

When he did insert his stiff tongue in her waiting pussy, Angelique literally thrust it on his entire mouth.

“Ooooh nooo.”

Mako gripped her butte cheeks in his strong hand and licked her from bottom to top.

“Oh God yes!!!!” She cried out.

“But then, not all my sluts taste as good as you.”

She went wild, thrusting up onto or into his mouth. Her own fingers squeezed her hard nipples, pinching them. Myself, I didn’t care if he saw me or not I stroked my own hard member rather furiously. Mako let her ride his mouth until she came. Then again. After that he pulled her towards him and with his hand guided his huge cock all over her wet creamy pussy getting it wet.

“Oh Mako, just fuck me now please. Fuck me.”

He grinned, placing his hard swollen cock at her opening. Slowly ever so slowly he entered her. It slid right in with ease. Deeper, at first Angelique hardly moved seemingly pinned to the table. Mako slowly increased his tempo, filling her deeper with each measured thrust.

I couldn’t hold back any longer exploding in my hand.

By now Angelique was fucking him back, fingernails clawing his broad back.

“Oh yes, fuck me with that big cock. Fuck me, Oh God yes.” She screamed.

Mako obliged, giving her all ten inches.

She screamed, and I knew she was cumming. so did he.

“That’s it bitch cum all over my cock. show your hubby what you like.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck me you bastard.” She panted.

He was slamming her now. I could actually hear it. With glazed eyes she looked over at me.

“How could you let him do this to me?” Angelique accused, the pleasure clearly written on her beautiful face.

“What do you expect from such a wimp?” Mako said through clenched teeth continuing to pound my wife’s pussy.

After that they ignored me. I felt invisible, not to mention worthless I wanted to crawl into a hole in the wall and disappear.

I watched them, feeling numb. It was apparent Angelique came again. He had lifted her up impaling her on his powerful, thick dick, and she was riding it, fucking it for all it was worth. I closed my eyes for several moments, until I heard a loud slap. Now he had mounted her form behind. God was there no end to this? I was hard again but this time I refused to jerk off.

“Angelique, squeeze my cock with your tight hot pussy. That’s it, just like that.” Mako instructed his new slut. “From now on, no one fucks your hot little cunt but me. Nobody, and that goes for that lifeguard, Matt too.”

Who in the hell was Matt? I wondered.

I knew things would never be the same, never.

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